Behind The Scenes: 6 Lessons Learned From Blogging

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I’ve been blogging for around 2 years now. In that time, blogging has changed a lot and my experience with it certainly has. One this is for sure: Blogging has only enhanced my life in many, many. It’s allowed me to enter a fashion world I thought would always be closed to me, opened doors to numerous opportunities within that world, given me skills I would have never considered learning and, best of all, has introduced me to many of my closest friends. Here are a few of the lessons it has taught me along the way:

The Best Summer Wedges (& Giving Them A Chance)

best summer wedges shoes

You know I will (nearly) always favour comfort over style, particularly when it comes to footwear. Feeling good is looking good, and life’s too short to not feel uncomfortable in the name of fashion. For some unknown reason, however, there’s one shoe style I’ve always overlooked: The wedge. I’ve never really even given it a chance to show just how practical, comfortable and stylish it can be, so today I’m finally giving the wedge the acknowledgement it deserves – and it  deserves a lot. Here’s why… 

3 Easy Ways To Turn Empties Into Pretty Storage

Make-up brush storage jar

Here’s something I’ve never told you: I like to dabble in a bit of DIY.  When I say ‘dabble’, what I really mean is I like reading DIY blogs (a lot of DIY blogs) and I’m constantly pinning projects I’d like to recreate myself. While I’m yet to pluck up the courage to actually try all of the things I excitedly pin, doing so has made me just a little more creative when it comes to decorating. I thought I’d share with you a few of the DIY-inspired ways I’ve decorated my bedroom since I moved into a new flat in March. They were all completely free, took a maximum of 10 seconds to do and get used almost daily.

Denim Shorts – The Grown-Up Way

How to wear denim shorts

What do you think of when you think of denim shorts? Festivals? Teenage pop stars? Holidays by the sea? They’re the not the most grown-up or sophisticated of pieces, but I still like to place them firmly in the ‘wardrobe essentials category’. So how do you wear them if you’re too old to pass as a tween – and want to look like you know you are?

Musings: On Feeling Overwhelmed by Fashion

london fashion week outfit

Is it just me or can this fashion thing sometimes be a little bit exhausting? Sometimes, like an introvert who has just spent 48 hours straight in a crowded room, I feel so overwhelmed that I want to retreat away from it all. I just need to clear it all out of my mind and hide away for a few hours. It’s something I’m noticing more and more and I need to talk about it. I can’t be the only one…