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7 Inspirational Blogs to Read Today

Inspirational Blogs

If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume you’re at least an occasional reader of blogs. (If not, I’m even more honored that you’re currently choosing to read mine!) I know some of you are bloggers yourselves and others are not, so let me put this out there: blogging can be really tough.

The name ‘blogger’ is a misleading title; it sounds like a single job but in fact there are many, many roles a blogger has to do (check out 15 of the jobs a blogger has to do if you want a nice little list). The obvious thing a blogger has to do, of course, is writing! And when there is writing to be done, you can be sure that writer’s block will show its face at some point. Probably at the time when you least want it to.

Why am I going on about this? I’m not just going off on one here, I promise. Rather, I want to share with you and give a shout out to some of the incredible bloggers I’m lucky enough to know and who inspire me even when my blogging mojo has all but disappeared. When I’m struggling with (the rare but very real) blogger’s block, I know a little read of one of my favourite blogs will remind me why I love blogging – and that’s usually enough to fill my mind with a flood of new ideas.

So thank you to these bloggers for doing what they do and doing it so darn well. And if you don’t know them, I can’t recommend these blogs enough! Continue Reading

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