Getting Back Into Fitness After A Break

getting back into fitness

You know how sometimes you mean to do something but it just doesn’t happen? That was the relationship I had with fitness this time last year. Since graduating and moving into the world of full-time work, I just couldn’t seem to find the time to squeeze it in anymore and I let years of hard work slip away.

How To Wear Wide Legged Trousers

How to wear wide leg trousers

Hands up if you tend to throw on a pair of skinny jeans when you don’t know what to wear. How about when you’re in a hurry? That will be most of us, then. Now keep those hands up if you wish you’ve ever wished you could find more time to be a little more creative with your wardrobe choices. Hand still up? This post is for you… 

A Few More Things: October 2015

vita coco coconut oil

Can you believe it’s October already? With my birthday, Fashion Week and making the most of the last days of summer, September is always the busiest month of the year, but it really did fly by. Today I’m welcoming October by introducing a brand new series for you. I’ve been thinking about it for a while so I hope you like it!

Fashion & Feeling Good

fashion feeling good

I almost stopped myself from sharing today’s post because It feels like I write one of these posts every six months or so. Then I reminded myself that my blog is just that – mine. Everything changes and nothing more so than people, so it’s only natural that the blog will adapt, isn’t it?