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Must-Have: 70’s Tassel Skirt

After embracing every decade from the sixties to the nineties over the last few seasons, seventies style has finally arrived. It was the most prominent trend on the spring/summer 15 catwalks back in September and is now taking over our High Streets as denim, suede, fringing and flares become big …

Jodie MarieMust-Have: 70’s Tassel Skirt
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5 Blogs I Love – What To Read Now

Sometimes I feel like my bloggy reading list is getting so long I might have to cut down… But how could I? Here are a few of my top reads right now: For the cutest pictures on the internet: A Girl, A Style. Not only is Briony’s style spot on (not since …

Jodie Marie5 Blogs I Love – What To Read Now
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London Fashion Week Outfit

If you’ve been following me on either Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know I went and booked a little trip to France on the second day of London Fashion Week (oops!) so only went for Day 1 this season. Luckily for me, Day 1 was when my favourite show, Ashley Isham, …

Jodie MarieLondon Fashion Week Outfit
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Feel-Good Friday | Loving What You Do

Over the past couple of years, the type of blogs I read has expanded from being predominantly fashion and beauty to include many marketing, well-being and interior blogs too (could it be a sign that I’m actually growing up now?). I’ll reveal all of my daily reads in next Friday’s post, but today …

Jodie MarieFeel-Good Friday | Loving What You Do
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Let’s Get Colourful

There’s no city like London, is there? Every corner has a story waiting to be told, a photo waiting to be captured and memories waiting to be made. It’s easy to see why so many people say they fall in love here and never want to leave. Having grown up …

Jodie MarieLet’s Get Colourful
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5 Beauty Products I Discovered in 2014 – And Now Can’t Live Without

Can you believe we’re almost 2 months into 2015 already? I can’t quite get my head round it. It seems I still haven’t quite adjusted to the fact it’s no longer 2014 as I continue to get the date wrong about 50% of the time. Anyone else? In many ways, …

Jodie Marie5 Beauty Products I Discovered in 2014 – And Now Can’t Live Without
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Valentine’s Presents For Your BFF

Whether you love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is going to happen in just a few days. Fortunately, the days of tacky gifts are (mostly) over, meaning the shops are currently filled with pretty presents that would actually be nice to receive. I’ve always preferred to celebrate the big …

Jodie MarieValentine’s Presents For Your BFF
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Feel-Good Friday: The Perfect Gym Outfit

Now January’s been and gone, it’s much easier to believe summer will actually arrive one day. Thinking about how long that leaves to get the bikini body ready, that day suddenly doesn’t seem too far away at all.

Jodie MarieFeel-Good Friday: The Perfect Gym Outfit
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A Lazy Lunch Outfit

On Sunday afternoon, Jess and I were interviewed for the Q & Eats series on Fashion Worked. One of the questions (spoiler alert!) was about whether we prefer to dress up or dress down, and it basically summed up my constant inner struggle at the moment.

Jodie MarieA Lazy Lunch Outfit
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L’Occitane One Minute Hand Scrub

January’s a pretty difficult month, isn’t it? It brings us the worst weather, the most depressing day of the year and… dry, dry skin. 

Jodie MarieL’Occitane One Minute Hand Scrub
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Musings | Defining Success

Over the past few weeks, I’ve read a lot of blog posts on goal-setting. I know that’s because it’s January and a natural time new beginnings, but it really got me thinking.

Jodie MarieMusings | Defining Success
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Winter Uniform: Roll-necks and Monk Straps

How happy are you to think that it’s nearly Spring? Seeing the clock tick on and the day still cling on to its daylight a little later each day sure puts me in a good mood.

Jodie MarieWinter Uniform: Roll-necks and Monk Straps
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The Changing Room Test

Ah, changing rooms. A place where dreams can come true but, more often than not, self-esteem is completely crushed instead. The unflattering lights, tight space and feeling that nothing from the heap of clothes next to you looks good creates the perfect breeding ground for insecurity and before you know it you’re having a …

Jodie MarieThe Changing Room Test
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How To Make Anything Look Expensive

On the ‘About’ page of this blog, I say that with A La Jode I want to ‘bridge the gap between aspirational and accessible’. So what do I mean by that?

Jodie MarieHow To Make Anything Look Expensive
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My New Project: The Click !

On Tuesday, I finally revealed what the little (ok, huge) project I’ve been working on and cryptically tweeting about is: The Click! The Click is an online community for women of all ages who blog, freelance or use the internet to run a business, whether full time or as a …

Jodie MarieMy New Project: The Click !
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Introducing… Frame Again

Today I’d like to share with you a new brand I discovered at an event way back in November. It’s called Frame Again and it’s about to change your shelves and walls.

Jodie MarieIntroducing… Frame Again
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What London Fashion Week is REALLY Like

Confession #1: I bailed on LC:M. I suck, I know, but I had a lot of things to organise. Those things include my newest project which, as you may have seen on Twitter, is The Click. We’re launching on Tuesday and the site is looking good. Confession #2: I won’t be …

Jodie MarieWhat London Fashion Week is REALLY Like