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Building A Wardrobe Of Black & Grey

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If I tell you I'm stripping my wardrobe back to mostly greys and blacks... it probably won't be a huge surprise.

I've pretty much only worn black or grey - with the occasional splash of navy, red or green thrown in for good measure! - for a while now. It really wasn't a planned thing, but just kind of happened organically. Black and grey are the colours I normally feel most comfortable in and they're also the easiest to throw on when you're running round doing too many things at once (which I'm 100% guilty of!).

The difference now is that I'm going to be doing so intentionally. Where before I would put a whole heap of pressure on myself to try and add more prints and bright colours into my day-to-day wardrobe, I'm focusing on the things that make me feel good and make my life easier. And that means no more feeling guilty for wearing the same colours all. the. time.

Grey and black outfit

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Does building up a wardrobe of black and grey sound boring? I kind of thought so, and I guess that's why I've not done it sooner.

But it's time to face the facts: Wearing colours you love and feel comfortable in doesn't ever have to be boring if you don't want it to. Even a wardrobe made up entirely of black can be an interesting one when you throw in textures such as faux fur, new season shapes such as an oversized jumper or flared sleeves, and quality pieces that will last for years.

And if IĀ do get bored, I can always mix in some crazy prints and colour. Having a uniform doesn't mean you have to stick to it - it's just there to make things easier on the days when you don't feel like stepping out of your comfort zone.

Grey Love My Soul bag


In 2017, my focus is going to be all on building a wardrobe of quality basics that are easy to mix and match. Pieces that work together and make getting dressed everyday a doddle, and can be paired with current trends to update my wardrobe every season. My ultimate aim is to have a wardrobe I can open and pick anything out of everyday, where nothing gets left unworn because it doesn't really go with anything else.

It may be something that's been said a thousand times over - and it's certainly the way all fashion editors approach their own wardrobes - but it's a new approach for me. Until now it's been nothing more than a fantasy that might magically happen one day, but now I'm determined to actually make it my reality.

  Monochromatic outfit

There is one item I've always taken this approach with, and that item is bags. Over the last few years, I've built up a nice little collection of designers bags and I rarely leave home without one. Carrying a good bag just makes me feel more ready to face the world.

This bag is my latest addition and it's from a brand you may not have heard of: Love-My-Soul. While they're not strictly 'designer', Love-My-Soul bags are made from beautiful leather and certainly fall into the luxury category. They're not particularly well-known yet, but I can see them becoming a go-to brand for classic luxury pieces at affordable prices over the next year or so.

This fold-over style is the perfect mix of timeless and modern, proving that grey really doesn't have to be boring. It's big enough to fit all my day-to-day essentials inside, but also doubles up as an evening bag when I want to take a little more out with me (mostly my umbrella thanks to the unpredictable British weather!). I absolutely love the little studs on the strap - they remind me of the Vlentino Garavani clutch bags, only without the huge price tag!

Do you have a go-to 'uniform' that you feel most comfortable in? What are your wardrobe goals for 2017?

Jodie xo

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