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The December Beauty Round-Up

It's been a while since I did a beauty roundup, hasn't it?

In all honesty, I've been trying to cut back in pretty much all areas of my lifeΒ and haven't really tried many new things over the last couple of months. I've been so busy using up all the products and makeup I accumulated earlier this year before letting myself buy anything new in an effort to downsize my beauty drawer.

But of course I couldn't go months without tryingΒ anything new! That said, I've had a real hit-and-miss couple of months when it comes to new products. By that, I mean I've either completely loved or absolutely hated every single product I've tried, which isn't usually the case for me.

Today I'm sharing the ones that fell into the LOVE pile. There aren't many because I've been on my self-imposed shopping ban, but they also now feel like more of a treat - just one of the benefits of owning less! I generally try to keep Alajode as positive as possible so I've left out the ones that got the thumbs down, but if you'd like to see a post like that just let me know in the comments :)

Lulu Guinness Tangle Teezer

Even though a Tangle Teezer has been a must-have in every girl's everyday beauty toolkit for a few years now, I only jumped on the bandwagon this month.

But I sure did it in style! Did you know that, as well as all the usual favourites, Tangle Teezer create limited edition brushes with fashion designers? I just had to have this Lulu Guinness brush but I've also got my eye on a Markus Lupfer one (and need to find a reason to justify buying another... ideas?).

Avene Hydrance Skin Tone Perfector

Avene products tend to have crazy long names but the products themselves just work so well.

I've noticed myself repurchasing French brands more and more over the last year or two, so perhaps French skincare brands just work, or perhaps they're just well-suited to my difficult combination skin. Either way, I simply can't get enough of this moisturiser-meets-primer. It's a fairly thick formula so I tend to mix it with a little bit of Lancome's Teint Miracle liquid foundation to help it absorb, but it gives absolutely amazing coverage on its own.

I'm a big fan of Avene in general and was disappointed when I didn't really notice the difference when I first started using it. So I stopped using it... and that's when I really noticed the difference! My skin suddenly looked so much duller when I stopped, so it quickly went back into my daily routine! Plus it has SPF 30 (something I've become increasingly conscious of over the last year), making it a fantastic everyday product for the price.

Beverley Hills Formula Gold Toothpaste
I know, I know. Toothpaste isn't the most exciting thing to add to your Boots shopping basket. But The cleanser contains gold (yes, REAL GOLD) and promises great results.

So let's talk about that gold... According to Beverley Hills Formula, the gold used in this toothpaste helps fight inflammation as it's known for its antibacterial properties. I haven't been using it long enough to say much more than it has a super fresh taste and it's super fun to know you're brushing your teeth with actual gold, but I already love it for those reasons alone. I'm really excited to see it can live up to its super-whitening claims but, if nothing else, it will add a bit of sparkle to your morning and evening routines.

Molton Brown Hand Cream Gift Set

When you're trying to cut back, it can be hard to justify buying any products that sit further toward the "luxury" end of the spectrum. But what I'm beginning to learn is that the less you have, the more sense it makes to treat yourself - and the more you'll really enjoy it.

At this time of year I'm never without a hand cream or two. On my desk, in my bag, by my bed.. I live on the stuff and have one on hand constantly. So a cute little set of hand creams is the ultimate guilt-free treat because I know how much I'll use and enjoy the products. It also means it makes the perfect gift - for someone else, as it's meant! - because it ticks all the boxes: Pretty, practical and packaged in a lovely little box.

If you're feeling extra festive, Molton Brown also have a really cute Christmas section on the site so it's well worth a little peek if you want to feel all Christmassy and go "ahh".

Lavera Cleanser & Toner

Even though I'm generally trying to cut down the number of products I own, I'm always on the lookout for any new all-natural products to try. That said, I'm still pretty skeptical that they can live up to my current favourites, so it's a fun little challenge trying to find products I love just as much.

Lavera is an all-natural, vegan brand whose eyeshadow I've tried before, so I finally decided to try some of their skincare products to see if they could live up to the same standard. And they did!

I'd never found a toner I really love, so the toner was probably at an advantage here. And it definitely hasn't disappointed; it has a lovely subtle smell and - most importantly of all - doesn't hurt at all. I have such sensitive skin that I find most toners, especially those with any perfume, feel a little bit tingly on my skin if I use them every day. This cleanser hasn't felt uncomfortable at all since I started using it, even on the days when I'd been wearing lots of makeup or spent a long time outside in the cold (that's when it's usually worst), so it gets a big thumbs up from me.

The cleanser is also a winner, mostly because it's a great, multi-functional product, being both a face wash and mask in one. When you're trying to declutter like crazy, it's so much easier to justify a new product when it does multiple jobs!

So what's next?

I've already got a few things on my "to try" list and can't wait to treat myself and hopefully find some new products I love in January. Top of my list is Barry M's Strobe Cream, a NYX white eye pencil and Goldfaden MD's Pure Start cleanser, another natural product designed for complexion problems. I also have an Ekia eye serum waiting to be tried as soon as my current eye cream runs out.

What products have you been loving recently? Are there any you're looking forward to trying in the next few months?

Jodie xo


Samples in this post may have been received as gifts for review. Please take a look at my full disclosure page for more info.


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