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ghd Platinum: The Copper Revolution

Let's go back to being 15 for a second. Or maybe 14. It might be hard to remember, I know - probably because a lot has changed since 2005. I've learned many lessons (like how permanent black hair dye is never a good idea), country singer Taylor Swift has become a pop queen giving us all #squadgoals, and cargo pants have gone from Destiny's Child cool to ultimate faux pas and back again.

One thing that hadn't changed in all that time, however, was my go-to styling tool. I got my first ghd straighteners when I was around 14... and I'd had them ever since.

On the one hand, it's a testimony to how good ghds actually are. There are so many brands that have reached cult-like status now (interesting read: The Culting of Brands) but how many of them actually deserve the hype they've amassed?

I'm a sceptic, that's for sure, but my good ol' ghds are one product that proved to be amazing value for money. If I used them 5 times per week since I was 14 (and most of the time it was definitely more), they work out less than 4p per use.

But, as with anything, there comes a day when it seems like a good idea to upgrade. Once I realised how long I'd actually had my stylers for, I began to wonder how much ghds have changed since my early teenage years. Even though my old ghds were still in perfect condition and did exactly what I wanted them to, I was curious to know what else was out there.

Since I bleached my hair to near-death last year, one of my biggest hair concerns is breakage, so I was really excited to see that the new ghd Platinum styler is made to minimise hair damage... and the upgrade finally felt justified. It claims 50% less breakage and 20% more shine, so who could say no to that?

It's fair to say I had very high expectations with this new styler and, in all honesty, the new one didn't instantly live up to them. It had taken a lot for me to finally part ways with the beloved ghd styler I'd had for over a decade, even though I knew the Platinum one would be kinder to my hair, and I wasn't convinced straight away.

Fast forward a day and a fresh hair wash, and that changed pretty rapidly. I soon realised that the old styler was a bit too good; even though it styled my hair instantly, the heat damage it was causing would take a long, long time to reverse. And even though it straightened my hair perfectly, it was a bit too perfectly straight - I'd have to almost wave it around as I straightened to stop the hair from sitting flat against my head. If my hair hadn't been washed in the last 24 hours, the styler sucked any life left straight out of it and I'd end up compensating with extreme amounts of product and dry shampoo. Not ideal.

So even though we didn't click instantly, the initial work it took to get used to the Platinum styler was more than worth it. I now prefer the more natural look it gives when I straighten my hair, and find it even easier to use for loose waves like the ones I wore to the Lalit Hotel launch a couple of weeks ago (above, on 3-day old hair no less).

Best of all, the new wishbone hinge makes sure all hair is covered evenly without putting too much pressure on the strands. It takes a while to get used to just using your fingertips, but feels SO much better when you do!

I know lots of bloggers have been sharing these straighteners (we love anything copper, don't we?!) but they really do live up to the hype - just as my stylers from all those years ago did. If you've tried them too, I'd love to know if you agree so let me know below!

Samples in this post were gifted for review purposes but all words and thoughts are 100%.  

  • I honestly don’t know what I’d do without straighteners now, I’ve had a pair of ghd’s for years now and I genuinely think that without them I’d probably live my life with my hair in a bun!

    Jade x

    • Hahaha I totally feel you!! I literally can’t remember life without them… x

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