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What’s On My Reading List

I have a new ritual. I want to tell you about it because it's pretty amazing. Ready for it... every night before I set my alarm and pull on my eye mask, I snuggle up in my duvet and dim the lights. And I read.

Not ground-breaking, but certainly life-changing.

Reading used to be something I did when I had time. Or, more often than not, to kill time. Now, however, reading is part of my daily life and I don't miss that time for the world. No matter what, I switch off all screen and things that need electricity to run (okay, apart from my Kindle) and I get lost in the pages of a book. It's glorious.


Bridget Jones's Diary

Spurred on by the fact I made it to 25 years of age without watching the film version Bridget Jones's Diary, I decided to read the book. Mostly because everyone was going to the cinema to watch Bridget Jones's Baby and the plot spoilers that made other people go "noooo" did nothing to me.

I'm already halfway through and so far not bored at all. Even though I've not been single for a long time now, there's something reassuringly familiar about reading the inner thoughts and embarrassing experiences of a woman living and working in London, and navigating all the trials that come with it.

(And don't worry, I've seen the film now!)

Big Magic

Do you ever have things that sit in your to read/watch/do list for ages and ages but you never get round to reading/watching/doing them? This is the book I've been meaning to pick up for so, so long and an Instagram post by Karen reminded me a few weeks ago. I don't really know anything about it other than it's had some amazing reviews - and that's good enough for me! This may also be a case of judging a book by it's (super colourful and space-like) cover.


The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F**K

Ohh more magic. There must be something about it. This book has been popping up all over my Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin, Facebook, and every other feed I regularly scroll through (just a few cheeky plugs in case you want to come over and say hi!).

I must have read at least a dozen blog posts inspired by this book, all written by women I really admire and whose blogs I love reading, so I knew I had to give it a go myself. Shout out to some of the ladies in question and their posts: Lauren, Vix, Rhianna and Hayley. They all do a fab job of explaining the concept so I'll leave you in their hands for this one.


Capture Your Style

As a blogger myself, I love supporting other bloggers by buying into their work. Next up on my list is Aimee Song's Capture Your Style. I'm just a teeny little bit obsessed with Instagram right now and just can't settle on a theme I'm 100% happy with, so I'm hoping to pick up a few tips as well as just girl crushing to the max over one of my fave Instagrammers. Seriously, if you haven't done already, you need to check out Aimee's feed.

Eat Beautiful 

Here's a secret: I have a bit of an obsession with food and recipe books. Perhaps it's the beautiful pictures or maybe it's the way I can totally imagine myself whipping up the food in them, wooden spoon in one hand and Instagram feed full of beautiful food pics in the other. But as much as I love cooking, the reality is usually a lot less glamorous than in my imagination.

 Eat Beautiful is one of many on my list, but it's next in the queue right now. There's SO much conflicting advice out there on food that I just like to read as many different points of view as possible. I've slowly found the diet that works for me and the foods that make me feel amazing (as well as the ones that kill my energy and ruin my skin), so I'm not about to go changing that. I just like hearing what people have to say and gathering new ideas for cooking.

Even though that's enough to keep me busy for the next few weeks, I'm on the hunt for more to add to the list (especially fiction!) so please send me your suggestions! What are you reading at the moment?

Jodie xo

Samples in this post may have been received as gifts for review. Please take a look at my full disclosure page for more info.


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