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6 Little Travel Luxuries I Always Pack

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You probably have a few things you always take travelling, even though you don’t strictly need them. Maybe it’s just one or two things you like to have to hand at all or times or maybe you take as much of your daily life with you when you can.

Apart from the essentials like a passport and some form of money, the only things I really need are my laptop, DSLR and phone. You know, the blogging things that help me share all the great things I come across with you.

And although I’m pretty confident that I’ve got hand luggage down to an art and I’m happy to leave most of my “everyday essentials” at home – I usually enjoy the break from them – there are a few things I always try to pack. They’d be the first things to go if I only had a teeny, tiny bag, but until I’m faced with a handbag-only journey, they’re going to be coming with me. And since I began living as a digital nomad last year, I pretty much always have a check-in bag meaning I always have room for a few ‘extras’.

And if you don’t need to compromise, why should you? These little luxuries are the home comforts that make my travels less stressful and the useful things that make everything a little easier. Plus, allowing myself to pack a few carefully chosen non-essentials helps me be take an honest look at everything else and eliminate over-packing elsewhere.

These are the special six that currently make my list – each for its own good reason. Do you agree with any or would you be happy to leave them all at home?

1 – My Bruzzoni Electric Toothbrush

One of the things I’ve always hated about travelling is having to ditch the electric toothbrush for the duration of the trip. I had an electric toothbrush I loved for years, but it was heavy, bulky and only kept its charge for a few days. That meant it was too inconvenient to justify taking it on long trips and the weight of it took up too much precious space when flying with hang luggage only.

Then I discovered Bruzzoni and it was a complete game-changer.

Bruzzoni is the lightest electric toothbrush I’ve ever used. It’s also the prettiest (seriously, check out that rose gold!), but the biggest winning factor of all is that it keeps its charge for weeks – and doesn’t slow down or lose its power when those weeks are almost up. That means I can charge it up before I go and know it will last the entire trip.

This Bruzzoni toothbrush also comes with a carry bag and protective case for the head, so it’s basically made for travel. If you’re going to invest in an electric toothbrush and plan to take it away with you, you won’t regret splashing a little more for this one.

2 – Good Toothpaste

Ever since my dentist warned me of the dangers of many big name toothpaste brands, there are now only two that I’ll use: Sensodyne and Beverly Hills Formula. I tend to switch between the two – the former for when I’ve overdone it on the ice-cream and the latter pretty much the rest of the time. It was the charcoal whitening toothpaste that first converted me to Beverly Hills Formula but the new “professional white” range has just replaced it as my fave.

The best thing about toothpaste is that it’s under 100ml too, so you can take the full tube with you. That means you also won’t have to fork out a crazy amount for a brand you don’t love just to fit it in your hand luggage.


3 – Perfume

I’m sure nobody would argue that perfume is an essential, but it’s something I like to have on me at all times. I don’t know why but even when I’m fresh out of the shower, there’s something about spritzing on perfume that makes me feel more ready to face the world. Do you get that too?

Like toothpaste, most perfumes meet the 100ml rules but I also have a few smaller bottles on standby for when I’m super short on space. These are usually samples, roll on sticks or mini bottles like this 12ml Joan Collins one. They’re also great for throwing into your handbag everyday so you can always freshen up.

4 – An Eye Mask

If you’re staying somewhere for the first time, you won’t really know what it will be like until you get there. Maybe it’s in a quiet part of town but there’s a street lamp right outside the room you’re put in. Or perhaps you just struggle to sleep there for no apparent reason. Even the comfiest hotel bed can’t compare to the familiarity of sleeping in your own bed, so an eye mask helps make it feel a little more like home.

I always splash a little for silk mask to keep my hair, eyes and skin happy. The ones you get given on flights are fine as a one-off, but I still prefer to have my own, ready to use whenever I want a good night’s sleep. It’s hard to make the most of a holiday when you’re totally exhausted, so it’s a worthwhile investment – and you can use it back home, too.

5 – A New Shower Gel

I used to love taking a different perfume on every trip – it meant I could bring all the good memories back with a little spritz of whatever I was wearing while I was away. It’s amazing how powerful scent can be: Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million takes me straight back to Jordan, Guilty by Gucci sends me to Paris and the Joyful Tuberose EDT from Zara makes me think of Menorca.

I soon realised that buying a new perfume for every place I went was going to get pretty costly, so I’ve since switched to using different shower gels. The scent still sends you on the same trip down memory lane, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to get there.

If you haven’t heard about KINN beauty products yet, you need to check them out! They’re guilt-free, smell great and come in the cutest minimalist packaging. 

6 – A Scarf

A chunky, cosy scarf isn’t just a scarf when you’re travelling – especially when you’re flying long-haul. Far from it, a blanket scarf doubles up as a blanket when it’s cold, a pillow on the plane and an accessory to add some pizzazz to your outfit when you’re wearing the same jeans for the fifth day in a row because you only booked hand luggage.

I like to take a big blanket scarf with me on every flight, even if it’s the middle of summer and I’m flying somewhere hot, because it has so, so many uses.

So, there we have it. These are the things I always try to squeeze into my suitcase no matter where I’m going, whether I’m taking a suitcase or just hand luggage. Do you have any non-essentials you always pack? 

Jodie xo



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