Welcome to Alajode, a responsible travel blog that isn’t just about travel. Let me explain… but first allow me to introduce myself!

Hi, I'm Jodie!

I started this blog to share my travel stories and tips while I travel the world full time.

Yes, I travel the world full-time.

I’m not a backpacker and never have been. I wasn’t given a free pass to retirement. I wasn’t born rich. In fact, just a few years ago I had more than £30,000 of student debt to my name and less than £300 in my bank account.

So, I did what anyone would do: got a good job in London, then got a couple more until I found one I loved and tried to push my travel dreams aside.

Only it never felt quite right.

For fear of sounding like a stereotypical millennial, I had everything set but felt like something was missing. I had countless “is this it?” moments as I looked around my small but substantial flat and congratulated myself on making it to the train on time. I had pretty much the ‘perfect’ London life… and I just wanted to escape it.

So, I sat down with my boss and told her I had to leave. I had to travel. The fear of not going had overtaken the fear of giving up a job I adored and a career that could have taken me places.

But I wanted to go other places. I wanted to travel. And so, in 2017, I tearfully handed in my notice and set of on my biggest adventure. And now I get to share all of the most unique places and experiences I find around the world, inspiring others to plan their own adventures.

Alajode Jodie Dewberry

Helping you travel better, deeper, smarter

Alajode is, above all else, a responsible travel blog. I absolutely adore travel and – along with puppies, mashed potato and codeword puzzles – it’s one of my favourite things in the world.

But I don’t like the effect that travel can have on our planet.

Seeing the devastating damage that not so mindful tourism can inflict on habitats, communities and economies is heartbreaking for me. That’s why Alajode is a travel blog that will help you make a positive impact on the people, places and wildlife you encounter on your adventures. Travel can be a positive for everyone involved if you travel consciously and sustainably, but I realise it’s not always easy to do that. On Alajode, you’ll find numerous resources to help you get clued up, make better travel decisions and travel in a way that protects our beautiful planet.

On this travel blog, you’ll find all the knowledge you need to enjoy places in the kindest way possible, plus all the practical tips to make it happen.

You’ll also find plenty of inspiration and advice for delving a little deeper into your next destination. From local immersion to unique experiential travel moments, I also have plenty of ideas for deep travel.

Superior room at Sukau Rainforest Lodge Borneo

My travel philosophy

Alajode isn’t just a place for me to share my stories from around the world, but also a place where I can (hopefully) inspire you to travel more mindfully.

For me, travel is best when it pushes me out of my comfort zone and opens my eyes to the world. I travel in search of unique experiences and transformative trips, and those are what I love sharing most.

I’m also conscious of the impact my lifestyle can have on the environment, so I always try to take steps to reduce my environmental footprint, give back where I can and help others to do the same. I’m a big fan of supporting eco travel initiatives, so you’ll find plenty of those on this travel blog too.

If you want to travel better and give back to the world while learning all you can from it, we’re going to get on just perfectly.

Becoming a digital nomad

In October 2017, I finally set off. With just a suitcase, a one-way ticket to Malaysia and a massive leap of faith, I began my digital nomad life. Since then, I’ve built up several online brands – including my YouTube channel and a pickleball blog – as well as turning this blog into my full time job.

Now, I’ve built a life of freedom and I’ve never felt more fulfilled. I’ve been travelling full-time, with longer stints in some places and shorter trips to others, and I’ve never looked back since. At times, I’ve also been more stressed than ever before – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Travel has given me everything I ever wanted: confidence, financial independence and complete freedom. It’s made me a better person, and I believe it continues to make me a better person every day.

That’s why this travel blog doesn’t focus so much on budgeting, travel hacks or travel bucket lists. You might find those things here occasionally, as well as plenty of practical advice and tips for making the most of your trip. But it will always be predominantly about finding enjoyment through travel and making the most of those life-enriching experiences. It’s about getting to know the world (because it’s pretty awesome) while also getting to know yourself better.

I hope this travel blog will inspire you to jump out of your comfort zone, try something new and give the world a chance. You don’t need to do anything crazy to feel the benefits of travel – just get out and do it.

Woman taking photos on a telephoto lens and Canon DSLR camera on safari

Travel photography

I love sharing photos just as much as I love writing about the places I visit. For me, a photo that captures a moment in time is priceless. It’s a one-off event that will never happen again, and can convey so much.

Rather than focusing on words or images, I bring both together to tell every story.

As an animal lover, I’m particularly fond of wildlife photography and plan a lot of my trips around the wildlife I want to see. But I love sharing portraits of the people I meet and epic shots of the landscapes that blow me away.

You can see more of my photography on my Instagram account or read my travel photography tips to nail your own travel photos.


If you’re new to Alajode – welcome! I hope you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your next adventure, as well as all the practical advice you need to make it a special one.

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