While countries like Morocco and South Africa have long been popular tourist destinations, Africa as a whole is relatively untouched. 

Once you get a taste of Africa, though, you’ll only want to see more of it.

Africa is a melange of unique cultures and sub-cultures, surrounded by epic landscapes and precious wildlife.

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Africa Destinations

With so many countries to choose from, planning a trip to Africa isn’t easy. Here are some of my favourite must-visit Africa destinations to help you out:

Botswana: Home to the largest population of African elephants, Botswana is a wildlife lover’s dream.

South Africa: My favourite country in the entire world, South Africa has it all. From epic mountains and pristine beaches to unique safari experiences, South Africa is the perfect destination for adventure lovers.

Namibia: A country of never-ending roads and epic landscapes, Namibia is unlike anywhere else. It’s a photographer’s dream and a uniquely wonderful places for a road trip.

Lesotho: The small mountainous kingdom of Lesotho fails to make it on to most travellers’ radars. Its unique landscapes, friendly locals and unique culture is worth making the journey for, though.

Eswatini: Formerly known as Swaziland, Eswatini is a tiny country that will make a massive dent in your heart. Its full of unique experiences for every type of traveller to enjoy and the perfect African destination to get off the beaten path.

Jodie Dewberry in Cape Town South Africa

Why visit Africa

Africa is a continent that will capture your heart and open your mind.

Africa’s vast and rugged landscapes lend themselves to some of the world’s best wildlife encounters. There are endless opportunities for nature lovers to enjoy ecotourism in Africa.

And then there’s the culture. Africa is a massive continent and each country has its own music, food and traditions to enjoy. No matter where you are, though, you can expect the brightest colours, the warmest smiles and the most generous hospitality.

After my first few trips to Africa, I couldn’t put my finger on the way I felt about it. Then, another traveller gave me the word I’d been looking for: homely. Africa is homely and hard to leave, but exciting and eye-opening to explore.



When to visit Africa

The best time to visit Africa will depend on your goals. If you’re going for safari, the best time for wildlife sightings is during the dryer months of May-October.

If you’re heading to north Africa, the heat will be most manageable during the spring and autumn.

In West Africa, the best time to visit is during the dry season (October-May).

Is Africa safe?

Africa tends to get a bad rep, but much of it is unfounded. While there are certain safety precautions you need to take in Africa, you shouldn’t be afraid to travel to Africa.

In most places, crime is opportunist and petty. Make sure you stay alert, have adequate travel insurance and avoid places with travel warnings.

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Responsible tourism in Africa

Africa is the ultimate safari destination. While I recommend experiencing at least a couple types of safari, it’s important to do it ethically.

Sadly, some game lodges still allow hunting. Even if you don’t go there to hunt, staying there still supports a business that encourages animal cruelty.

Having been on over 50 safaris, I would always choose to self drive when possible. You can go at your own pace, get better safari photos and it’s much more affordable, too.

Don’t believe me? Check out this list of my favourite affordable self drive safaris.

If you choose to rent a car – something I recommend in both Namibia and South Africa  – these self drive safari tips will protect both you and nature.

Africa Bucket List

Discover the best Africa travel experiences and try something new on your trip to Africa.

From camping in the wilderness to unique safari experiences, these are the Africa trips that should be on every curious traveller’s Africa bucket list.


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1 - Camp in the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It’s also one of the few places you wild camp, and doing so is an experience you’ll never forget. That’s why it’s number one on this Africa bucket list.


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2 - Road trip Namibia

Namibia is an incredible road trip destination, but it’s not for the faint hearted. Put in the effort, though, and you’ll realise the reward is more than worth it. Namibia is simply breathtaking. Here’s how (and why) to plan an unforgettable road trip in Namibia.


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3 - Safari in Kruger

Kruger may be one of the most popular safari destinations in Africa, but it’s still one of the best. Whether it’s your first safari or your thousandth, here is everything you need to know about Kruger National Park.


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4 - Sleep in the wild

Stay in the heart of the African bush at Eswatini’s Mkhaya Game Reserve. The open-wall huts leave you surrounded by the elements – and local residents including rhinos, giraffes and zebras! – while you sleep.


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5 - Self drive South Africa

South Africa’s vast landscapes and natural beauty make it a humbling country to travel. But nothing feels as satisfying as self driving. Here’s why you everybody should experience a self drive safari in South Africa.


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6 - Drive the Sani Pass

The infamous Sani Pass isn’t a road for timid drivers. This steep, crumbling road winds its way between the high mountains of Lesotho and the flatter terrain of South Africa – and it’s a drive you’ll never forget.



If you want to make the most of your African adventures, you’ll want to be prepared. Here are some things to add to your Africa travel checklist.

Travel vaccinations:

Many African countries require a valid Yellow Fever certificate for entry. Since it now lasts for life, it’s worth getting the vaccination even if you’re not travelling to a country that requires it.

If you’re going to a country that has malaria, you may also want to pack anti-malarial tablets before you go.

Insurance for Africa:

There are so many unique and adventurous things to experience on your Africa travels. Having travel insurance that covers the activities you plan to do is crucial.

I use (and recommend) World Nomads because they cover activities and adventures that other insurers won’t. They’ve also been great when I’ve had to claim in the past.

You can click here to get a free quote or find out more about choosing travel insurance in this post.

Money in Africa:

Each of the 54 African countries has its own currency. It’s best to carry an easy to exchange currency (I recommend USD) as a back-up and withdraw local currency from ATM’s as you go.

It’s also best to exchange leftover currency at official borders exchanges. Some currencies, such as Zambian kwacha, can only be exchanged in the country they originate from.

Photography in Africa:

With epic landscapes and endless wildlife sightings, Africa is a dream destination for photographers of all kinds.

Make sure you pack a good camera for safari if you’re planning any wildlife photography. Or, if you’re backpacking a region of Africa, consider this incredible pocket-sized travel camera.

Whatever you take, make sure you have adequate travel insurance for your camera!

Packing for Africa:

Packing for Africa is refreshingly easy. You’ll want to wear long, loose clothing that protects you from both the sun and mosquitoes.

If you’re going on safari, I have a full guide to what to wear on safari.

Finding accommodation in Africa:

Accommodation in Africa varies a lot. There are option at both the budget and luxury ends of the scale, as well as lots of unique places to sleep.

It’s best to book ahead when you can, especially in high season and in towns where accommodation is limited.

I use Booking.com to book all my accommodation because it has a wide range of options and often has free cancellation.

Africa travel essentials:

Aside from clothing, medication and the usual essentials, you’ll want the following on your Africa packing list:

  • Insect repellent (this one is DEET-free)
  • A hat like this one to protect your head from the sun
  • A head torch – a rechargeable, waterproof one like this is best

Books about Africa

There’s no better way to get to know a destination, understand its culture and plan a meaningful trip than through reading. These Africa books will help you get inspired, get clued up and get acquainted with the spirit magical continent.

Africa travel inspiration: 

This collection of photographs by National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting spans the entire continent.  Take a look at some of the beautiful things that await you in Africa and start planning an Africa trip (or two!).


Africa travel planning: 

Lonely Planet’s guide to Africa is as thorough as it gets. This bumper book covers many popular spots and off the beaten path Africa destinations with coloured maps and insider tips.


African literature: 

Understanding people and their connection to a place is one of the best ways to travel deeper. New Daughters of Africa brings together the stories of over 200 women writers of African descent.


Featured Africa blog posts

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