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How I’ve Made My Bedroom Feel More ‘Me’

If you’d asked me a year ago what my dream bedroom would look like, there’s one thing I would say it had to have: white walls.

I was a walking blogger cliché who would spend hours lusting over white, minimalistic rooms on Instagram and Pinterest (see a pattern here?), and was obsessed with anything rose gold. At one point, I even spent SIX HOURS in the salon getting my hair to a rose gold colour… only for it to fade after a week, and with nothing but a few hungover photos to remember it by.

In the last few months, however, things have started to change. I’ve accepted that no home – or, at least, no lived in home – looks like an image on Pinterest. (Unless, perhaps, it’s an Airbnb.)

Now I’ve changed my approach, I’ve given up trying to force my life into someone else’s mould and I’m working with what I have – and I’m really pleased with the result. My room finally feels like mine. When I’m in my bedroom, I feel inspired, I’m surrounded by the things I love and, most importantly of all, I can completely unwind.

So today I wanted to share with you just a few of my favourite little touches! I’d love to know how you like to make your own home feel more homely (is it just me or does that sound weird?) so let me know below.


The Colour Scheme

As I mentioned in a post last week, I love the all-white-everything look so many bloggers have perfected but it’s just not going to happen in my own life. And while I’m still a big fan of minimalism, I’ve finally accepted that white is simply too high maintenance for me. As nice as it looks, I don’t love it enough to give it the time and attention it needs to stay looking super “like”-able.

Instead, I’ve been focusing on adding more personality to my bedroom with little things that feel like me and creating my own unique aesthetic. Renting in London means that my house will never be picture perfect (hello, reality) but one of the reasons we chose our flat is because it gave us a pretty easy-to-work-with blank slate (oh, and maybe the proximity to cute little Instagrammable coffee shops…).

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My room is mostly shades of white and rental beige (you know, the weird off-white colour in every rented house and doctor’s surgery), finished with pops of duck egg blue, pink and silver. It’s not quite the same as the all-white rooms I constantly pin and like, but it definitely feels like me.

The Decor

Another thing I’ve learnt is that less really is more. And I don’t mean less in a minimal way (although, as we’ve just established, I’m a big fan of that  too) but that it only takes a few little tweaks and changes if you choose the right ones.

The perfect example of this – and the piece that’s had the biggest impact on my room – is a gorgeous antique canvas map from Maps International. Just like books, I think every home should have at least one gigantic world map. The faded colours compliment the main colour scheme without overdoing it and it gets compliments all the time because it’s a great talking point. And let’s face it, nothing screams “I’m totally a grown-up now” like having a big old antique map on the wall.

The Bedding

There are certain things I think you should start to invest in during your 20s and bedding – along with good food and a few investment pieces for your wardrobe – is top of the list. Last year I decided to switch to only 100% organic cotton bedding and it’s made such a difference to my life as well as to my room. You know that super comfy ‘feels like I’ve woken up in a cloud’ feeling you get when you stay in a hotel? That’s exactly what waking up in my bed feels like every morning.

I’ve also switched to sleeping on a silk pillowcase, which is working wonders for my hair and skin as well as helping me sleep. If you do one thing for yourself this year, please please please get a silk pillowcase! The only annoying thing is that you have to wash it by hand, but I promise it’s totally worth it.

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Finally, I’ve added a lovely little throw that brings together the white bedding and off-white walls, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I always wanted a cosy throw to add some hygge to my bedroom but never really found the right one (until now). My morning doesn’t start until I’ve made my bed and rearranged the throw perfectly over the top. Pure satisfaction.

 The Entertainment – With a little extra

My bedroom is where I go relax and unwind. It’s a safe place where I can lose myself in my own little world, and my two favourite forms of escapism are music and books. For me, both are even more enjoyable when they add an extra personal touch to the room and are visible enough to make you smile even when you’re not immersed in the story or sounds. That’s why a turntable (check out HMV for the cutest ones) or a well-placed bookshelf can make all the difference, .


The Little Things

Some of my favourite things in my room are the smallest things. A favourite perfume placed here (Olympea by Paco Rabanne, in case you’re wondering – and no, I couldn’t avoid rose gold entirely), a cute little bunny candle holder there and a plant to add some colour and life (literally) to the room.

I’ve also started to look for clever ways to store things. My Habitat Bumble table has a fantastic half-hidden shelf that means I can hide loads of stuff away, colourful shoeboxes are perfect for storing things I don’t need regular access to (I mostly use them for beauty products and the like) and I use my favourite books to decorate rather than having to find storage space for them. I also bought this metal shelf from a shop-fitting company to store my shoes… super random but it’s had loads of compliments on Instagram.


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