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48 Hours in Havana

What to do in Cuba’s colourful capital.

The 2017 Travel Bucket List

A year’s worth of wanderlust.

Why You Should Consider A Staycation This Winter

Why I’ve changed my mind about winter holidays close to home.

Eindhoven: A City of Surprises

If you hadn’t already guessed from the swarm of photos on my Instagram feed, I spent a couple of days exploring Eindhoven last week.

Scenes of Vietnam | Photo Diary + Thoughts on Photos in 2015

Hoi An vegetable street market

Women shop for vegetables in Hoi An’s lively street market

How often do you take a whole bunch of photos and then never look at them again?

Emirates Airline + The Crystal London | A Different Day Out

emirates airline car up close

When you live in London, it’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of forgetting there’s a huge, ever-changing city out there to