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Denim Shorts – The Grown-Up Way

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What do you think of when you think of denim shorts? Festivals? Teenage pop stars? Holidays by the sea? They’re the not the most grown-up or sophisticated of pieces, but I still like to place them firmly in the ‘wardrobe essentials category’. So how do you wear them if you’re too old to pass as a tween – and want to look like you know you are?

How to wear denim shorts for grown-ups -

Cut & Colour

No, I’m not sending you off to the salon (but you could totally wear them there if you like. I’m with you on that one). Wearing denim shorts well starts with the shorts themselves. That sounds like a pretty obvious statement, right? But a good pair of shorts will do most of the work for you on this one. 

Find a colour that suits your skin tone, a wash that looks fresh and a shape that’s flattering and you’re over halfway there. I keep mine short because I’m not tall, slightly high waister to accentuate my legs and emphasise my waist a little, and a vintage-y (spellcheck tells me this isn’t a real word but you totally understand me, right?) wash because you can’t go wrong with a classic colour. 

How to wear denim shorts

Styling Your Denim

The rest all comes down what you wear with your denim. I always prefer to go for a little more fabric up top when there’s a lot of leg on show so rather than opting for a cami or t-shirt, I dressed up my denim shorts with a fairly formal shirt. 

This shirt is a long line style so it’s perfect for the tucked-in-but-scruffy look because you can have as much hanging out (or not) as you like without having to worry about too much coming out. A classic style such as this is pretty much a failsafe in situations like these. I picked this one up in the Zara sale for no more than £20 and can’t wait to style it with skin-tight leather leggings when the weather cools down a little. 

How to wear denim shorts for grown-ups


Choose The Accessories

When wearing denim shorts – or anything fairly casual – I nearly always like to keep the accessories minimal in both number and style. A few simple but expensive(-looking) accessories will always chic, whatever you’re wearing and are the easiest way to instantly add a sophisticated touch to any outfit.

Bright statement jewellery is a must for festivals, but a minimal rose gold watch, silver earrings and designer sunglasses are all that’s needed to pull this look together. I finished with a designer bag (always an outfit changer!) and nails in the most classic shade of red I could find. 

These leather crossover sandals are on-trend enough to keep the look current but casual enough to stop it looking too far from casual. Sadly, they’ve since broken but I’ll be replacing them as soon as possible because they’re the easiest shoes to wear. Ever.

And don’t forget: Feeling good is looking good. Wear your denim shorts with confidence and you’ll look even more amazing in them!

How will you be wearing yours?

J x

How to wear denim shorts for grown-ups How to wear denim shortsHow to wear denim shorts
All photography by Sarah Anne Choa.

3 Responses
  • Beba
    17 . 07 . 2015

    Nice summer look, your sandals looks great!

    • Jodie
      17 . 07 . 2015

      Thanks, Beba. Such a shame they broke!!

  • Competitions Only
    25 . 07 . 2015

    love the idea of pairing the denim shorts with a formal shirt – x

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