While this blog does provide part of my income, I always put my readers first. Alajode wouldn’t be what it is without them, after all! In the name of transparency, here are the guidelines and principles I always work by:


Products Sent For Review

As a blogger, I am often sent products for review purposes. I’ve only ever featured products I really like but at the beginning of 2015,  I decided to be much, much more selective about the brands I work with.

It makes me sad that product reviews are sometimes met with cynicism and I would really hate for someone to buy something based on a dishonest recommendation. For this reason, you can be sure that I will only include products I truly love and would recommend to my own family and friends. Any products I’ve received will always be clearly labelled with an asterisk or c/o (courtesy of).


Affiliate Links

If I am linking to a brand’s website and I am part of their affiliate scheme, I will usually make the link an affiliated one. This means that if somebody clicks the link and makes a purchase, I will receive a small commission (usually around 5%) at no extra cost to the person buying. The product will always cost the same to the buyer, but this small amount of commission helps me to cover the running costs of alajode so that I can keep on improving the site.


Sponsored Posts & Collaborations

As with product reviews, I will only work with brands I truly do love and want to support. I turn down the majority of brand requests (if you’re a brand, please don’t be offended!) as I only want to work on collaborations that are a natural fit for alajode. I tend to plan my posts 1-2 month(s) in advance and only accept partnerships that fit with the content I have planned. All sponsored posts are entirely written by me and will be clearly disclosed at the end of the post.



I will never saturate the blog with advertising and if a reader ever feels there is too much, please do let me know. For information on how to advertise your blog or business on alajode please contact me here.