Perhaps one of them most underrated countries in Africa, Eswatini fails to make it onto many travellers’ radars.

But it really should. Eswatini, the Kingdom formerly known as Swaziland, has a rich and unique culture unlike anywhere else.

Despite being one of the smallest countries in Africa, Eswatini has a vibrant mix of culture, nature and adventurous experiences to enjoy.

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Why visit Eswatini:

Eswatini is colourful in both its aesthetics and character. 

Swaziland… ? Or Eswatini? Well, I was there when the Swazi king announced that the country was changing its name from the Kingdom of Swaziland to the Kingdom of Eswatini. So, to me, my time there will always be fondly remembered as “my Swaziland trip” – even if the country had a new name by the time I left.

There’s a good chance that you’ve never heard of the country by either name.

Despite how much this country has to offer, it remains a well-kept secret, under-touristed by international travellers and overshadowed by its neighbours. Perhaps it’s because it’s a country with no history of war – nothing to thrust it onto our front pages. Whatever the reason, I don’t think it will stay a secret much longer.

So if you get a chance… go to Eswatini, the former Kingdom of Swaziland. See the incredible landscapes. Learn the amazing initiatives that are happening there. Get up close and personal with nature. And meet the local people, all of whom have some incredible stories to share.

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