The United States, although often the victim of stereotypes, may just be one of the most varied countries in the whole world.

It’s no surprise given the sheer size of the country, but the USA is home to an eclectic mix of cultures, foods, landscapes and weather systems.

It’s an exciting place to travel – and to travel back to, time and time back again.

Why visit Georgia:

Imagine waking up. pulling back the curtains and stepping outside to come face to face with the Caucasus Mountains.

There’s more to Georgia than the snowy mountain range that many people travel there to see, but they’re well worth the journey. The Caucasus mountains are even more spectacular in real life than they are in images, and there are many ways to experience their magnitude in Georgia.

The northern part of Georgia feels rugged and untouched, making it the perfect destination for an adventure. Some of the most special spots are far from easy reach, but they’ll be well worth the long (and scary!) drive along gravel roads and cliff edges to get there.

And then there’s Tbilisi. Possibly the most underrated capital city in all of Europe, there’s a reason why many of Tbilisi’s temporary visitors end up making it their home. Tbilisi has the perfect mix of culture, history and edge to attract the masses, but still remains a fairly unknown gem (for now).

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Like any country that still relies heavily on word of mouth, finding somewhere to sleep isn’t always easy. Whether you’re staying for a week, a month or longer, here’s where to stay (and how to find a place).


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Pretty much everywhere in Georgia is unique, so choosing where to go can be tricky. Here are six of my favourite beautiful spots, all within easy reach of the capital, Tbilisi.


Stay a little longer: The cost of living in Tbilisi

Tbilisi has everything you need for an incredible quality of life: low living costs, fast WiFi, amazing food and tap water you can drink. There’s no doubt that it will become a top digital nomad destination very soon.