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Join Me At Interlaced 2015!

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Interlaced Wearable Tech

As a blogger, it’s not hard to guess that both fashion and technology are interests of mine. I love blogging because it’s a way of using technology to immerse myself in fashion – and in the process learning a little about building websites, coding and the like. If we flip that around, I’m also interested in how fashion can be used as a platform for immersing myself in technology. Enter the growing trend of wearable tech…

For anyone interested in fashion and/or technology, wearable tech is an exciting concept right now. Still very much in its infancy, the next few years and beyond will see a complete transformation in the fashion industry as new technologies are developed and things we can’t even imagine right now become possible.

Interlaced is a platform dedicated to educating and communicating on the subject of wearable tech. Leading the conversation on fashion and technology through events, reports and other educational activities, Interlaced hopes to increase consumer demand in order to enable innovation to happen at a faster rate.

Interlaced Wearable Tech

Wearable tech has been slowly creeping onto the catwalks over the last few seasons and now, thanks to Interlaced, it’s getting an entire day devoted to it.  Fashion pioneers, industry leaders, academics, creatives and the wider public will come together to discuss the future of fashion and technology. Topics that will be covered include entrepreneurship in fashion and technology, 3D printing, smart fabrics and electronic textiles, and implications of fashion tech on business and society.

And some more exciting news… I’ve been selected as one of the official Interlaced ambassadors! That means I’ll be tweeting and Instagramming live from the event and behind the scenes. I’m so excited to be part of something at the forefront of fashion innovation and in which so much passion has been invested.

If you want to join me at Interlaced 2015, you can buy tickets here. Let me know on Twitter if you’re coming along!

Interlaced Wearable Tech

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