Looking for the best Kotor restaurants? Here’s where to eat.

It’s no secret that one of my favourite things to do when visiting a new destination is EAT. Of course, that was the same in Montenegro

Food is such an important part of a country’s culture, and Kotor has plenty of restaurants to suit every taste. 

Montenegrin cuisine is a blend of so many different places. It’s eclectic and it’s exciting, and it means eating out in Kotor is never boring.

Far from it, in fact – like us, you may want to eat a little too much.

Brendan and I based in Kotor for one week last month, in a cute little Airbnb in the centre of the old town. We quickly learned that Kotor isn’t just one of the cutest places in Montenegro, but also one of the best for foodies.

It was an amazing week, but I didn’t cook one meal a day like I’d hoped to. The restaurants in Kotor were so good that we ended up eating out for every meal – even breakfast! 

Whether you plan to eat out once, twice or every single time during your travels to Kotor, here are some of my favourite Kotor restaurants and recommendations.


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What you need to know about restaurants in Kotor

While the food in Montenegro is a fun mix of typical Slavic food and other European influences, you won’t find a whole lot of variation from one restaurant to the next.

Pretty much every restaurant in Kotor serves a similar menu of dishes. Expect to see plenty of pizza, pasta, risotto, ribs, fish and soup, among other favourites.

That’s not to say those dishes will all be the same.

Some Kotor restaurants offer a wider range of pizzas or a unique take on the local fish soup.

Generally speaking, though, you won’t find much difference from one menu to the next because the difference is in the flavours.

Iced coffee at Konoba Roma restaurant in Kotor Montenegro
Feeling the heat? Order an iced coffee to cool down.

Kotor restaurants to eat at

After an entire week of eating my way around Kotor, here are the restaurants and dishes I recommend:

1 – Scorpio 

Scorpio was the first Kotor restaurant we ate at. Lured in by the newspaper-style menus and its proximity to our Airbnb, it was more a choice of convenience than anything else.

And it turned out to be a pretty great find!

After spending an entire week in Kotor, I can now say the menu at Scorpio is a little more exciting than most Kotor restaurants.

It’s also good value for money with incredibly friendly staff.

What to order: Try a generously filled shrimp risotto or, if you’re feeling brave, order the pear salad. 

I was excited when I ordered the pear salad, but sceptical when our waiter brought it out. I needn’t have worried, though. Although it didn’t look particularly appetising, it was just as tasty as it was intriguing. 

Shrimp risotto at Scorpio restaurant in Kotor Montenegro

2 – Pizzeria Sara

When we sat down for lunch at Pizzeria Sara, I didn’t have high expectations. Plus, it was a spontaneous choice, made after a long, sweaty indecision-fuelled walk around the block.

But I’m glad we fell into its waiting air conditioning. Pizzeria Sara is one of those places that reminds you not to judge a book by its cover – or, in this case, a restaurants by its plastic chairs – and was surprisingly good.

The pizzas come in two sizes, mini and regular, and there really isn’t much different between them.

If you want to stretch your Euros, order a regular one and take away anything you can’t finish. They’re more than happy to provide a box!

What to order: Anchovy pizza isn’t my usual choice, but I couldn’t get enough of this one.

Pizzeria Sara restaurant in Kotor Montenegro

3 – Hotel Vardar 

Hotel Vardar has a large restaurant that’s open to the public, complete with an outside terrace just off the main square. 

Its prime location and 4-star status make it one of the pricier places to eat in Kotor, but don’t let that put you off.

Not only is it a great to unwind and enjoy some people watching, the food also lives up to the price. 

I ordered a shrimp salad and it was without a doubt the best shrimp salad I’ve ever had. 

What to order: Fried squid is pretty easy to find all over Kotor, but Hotel Vardar cooks it perfectly.

Shrimp salad at Hotel Vardar restaurant in Kotor Montenegro

4 – The Harbour Pub 

Kotor Old Town is made up of numerous squares. It’s fun getting lost in them, but they can also become busy quite quickly.

The Harbour Pub sits in the corner of one of the city’s quieter squares, giving it a much more secluded feel.  

It’s the perfect spot for a quiet evening meal, especially if you enjoy good seafood.

What to order: The Harbour Pub is one of those restaurants where you’re going to want to go halves on two dishes.

The fish tacos and salmon tagliatelle were both equally delicious, but the latter was much more filling.

Fish tacos at The Harbour Pub restaurant in Kotor Montenegro
Salmon tagliatelle at The Harbour Pub restaurant in Kotor Montenegro

5 – Pescaria Dekaderon 

There weren’t many Kotor restaurants we went back to during our week there, but Pescaria Dekaderon was one of them.

Situated opposite the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, one of two Roman Catholic cathedrals in Montenegro, the square outside the restaurant attracts large crowds throughout the day. 

The square’s popularity does mean the prices are a little higher than at many Kotor restaurants, but not enough to make a real difference.

Plus, you can watch the procession over breakfast on a Sunday morning!

What to order: If you only come here for one meal, make it breakfast.

Pescaria Dekaderon has one of the best breakfasts in Kotor, with the menu including shakshuka, burritos and more.

Fish soup at Pescaria Dekaderon restaurant in Kotor Montenegro
Shakshuka breakfast at Pescaria Dekaderon restaurant in Kotor Montenegro

6 – Konoba Roma

We stumbled upon Konoba Roma when we couldn’t decide where to eat one night. We were feeling pretty indecisive… until we spotted the truffle spaghetti on the menu. 

And – you guessed it – it was a great choice! 

We ate at Konoba Roma twice and it was easily one of my favourites. Everything was full of flavour and really well priced for Kotor. What more could you want?

What to order: The best fish soup I tasted in Kotor was at Konoba Roma. At under 5 euros, it was a great lunch option on a warm summer day.

If you have a sweet tooth, they’re also happy to let you order desserts at any time of day, so head here for some INCREDIBLE berry pancakes for breakfast. Mmm.

Pancake breakfast at Konoba Roma restaurant in Kotor Montenegro

7 – Astoria 

Astoria is a chain of boutique hotels and 5-star restaurants in Montenegro, with sites in Budva, Podgorica and Tivat as well as the centre of Kotor.

Despite its upmarket vibe, it’s surprisingly affordable and won’t set you back much more than most Kotor restaurants. Plus, the food is incredible!

What to order: If you only have one breakfast in Kotor, make it here! The breakfast menu is varied, high quality and well priced.

It’s also the only place we found Eggs Benedict in the whole of Kotor.

Eggs royale breakfast at Astoria restaurant in Kotor Montenegro

8 – Luna Rossa 

Luna Rossa is one of the pricier restaurants in Kotor – something we didn’t realise until we sat down.

Its prime spot in the centre of the old town and its charming atmosphere make it worth the slightly higher prices, though. 

Luna Rossa serves up most of the same dishes as many Kotor restaurants, but has a slightly smaller menu. They do less and they do it well, and that makes it a great spot for an evening meal.

What to order: Luna Rossa is one of the few Kotor restaurants serving up parma chicken. If you prefer seafood, go for the Montecristo risotto.

Prawn risotto at Luna Rossa restaurant in Kotor Montenegro

9 – Admiral

Admiral isn’t situated in Kotor Old Town but it was so good it’s still worth a mention.

It’s a hotel restaurant in Perast, an adorable town in the Bay of Kotor which is well worth a visit during your stay and a must-visit on a Montenergo roadtrip.

I had risotto pretty much every day in Kotor (oops!) and Admiral served up the best. Its seafood risotto is PACKED with mussels, octopus and prawns, making it incredible value for money.

What made it even better were the tranquil atmosphere and incredible views.

What to order: The seafood risotto! If you’re extra hungry, the garlic mushrooms make an excellent side dish.

Seafood risotto at Admiral restaurant in Perast, Kotor Montenegro

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