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How to make trainers look more luxe

If you've seen me in person (or just seen my Instagram) in the last few weeks, you'll probably recognise these trainers.

First of all... Aren't they beautiful? I generally rotate trainers on a daily basis but these ones have been glued to my feet most days for about a month because they're crazy comfy and so, so easy to wear. They're the perfect pair

I still can't quite believe that trainers are still a thing. The day they came back into fashion, I silently celebrated but didn't expect them to stick around. Give it a year or two, I thought, and they'll be thrown aside with all the other trends of seasons past. Relegated to the feet of athletes, sloppy dressers and Lily Allen circa 2006.

But... that never happened. Nope. They're still here and it looks like they're here to stay. In fact, there aren't many places where they're not: red carpets, boardrooms, fashion week FROWs - anything goes.

Kurt Geiger black trainers

So today I'm celebrating with a little trainer chat. They're my favourite kind of shoe (and pretty much the only thing I own) and these Kurt Geiger ones show just how versatile they can be. I've worn these everywhere from business meetings to London bars to Croatian beaches. They've been with me on planes, road trips and for most of Traverse 17 (more on that another day).

They work for everything because they're classic but not too classic. By that I mean they're black (classic) and have a really flattering shape (also classic). But the Balenciaga-inspired bar and flashes of gold make them just a little bit special and stop them falling into too classic territory.

How to dress up your trainers

If you still feel just a little bit scruffy in trainers (hey, I do sometimes too) and don't believe you can make them work for every situation (fyi, you totally can), here are 4 little pointers I like to fall back on. I hope they'll help you too!

1. Look for the details

There's a big difference between a battered old pair of white Converse (my other faves) and a sleek pair of shiny new shoes. The metallic hints add a luxe edge to these Kurt Geiger trainers, but you could also look for embellishments or embroidery to give your trainers a little more pizzazz. Don't underestimate the difference fabric can make, either - I like to stick with leather, suede or mesh-style fabrics when I'm dressing down the rest of an outfit.

Kurt Geiger black trainers


2. Choose neutral colours

This isn't to say you can't make a pair of bright green trainers look like they're straight off the catwalk, but it's a lot, lot, lot easier to make neutral colours look more classy than classroom. Black is (obviously) my go-to but don't worry if you're not a black addict like me - white, nudes and earthy colours like khaki and grey work really well too.

3. Keep them clean!

So, er, I'm not so great at this one and I feel a little bit guilty as I type... but taking care of your trainers and keeping them clean will make SUCH a difference. These ones took a real beating when I spent the afternoon walking along the dusty paths of Krka, Croatia's National Park, and it took nearly a full pack of baby wipes to get them ready for a casual restaurant meal that evening. But once they scrubbed up, it was like putting on a completely different pair of shoes! And I felt like I went from dirty, weary explorer to sophisticated traveller in all of about 8 minutes.

4. Pick your accessories

Sometimes it's really as simple as throwing on a few premium - or premium-looking - accessories. It's why you'll rarely see me without a designer bag hanging off my arm - even when I look scruffy as hell as soon as I put it down - and a rose gold watch or Kate Spade bangle clinging to my wrist.

Do you love or hate trainers? Would you wear them anywhere? Let me know in the comments below!


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