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The perfect backpack for style-conscious travellers (+ giveaway!)

Travel and fashion go well together in so many ways: They’re both an endless source of creativity and inspiration. They both give us a way to explore new cultures and identities. And, let’s be honest, pretty dresses never look better than against a breath-taking view or pristine beach.

But travel and fashion also clash a lot – and not just because the 20kg baggage allowance forces you to whittle your shoe collection down to 3 or 4 pairs. Yep, I feel your pain with that one!

Travelling as a fashion lover is tricky because you’ll nearly always have to choose between practicality and presentation. Even though stylish celebs and fashion bloggers are always jetting off to exotic places and seem to look better than ever when they do, the reality is it’s not easy to pull that off – at least if you want to be comfortable enough to enjoy your trip and really explore a place.

Those boots that are everywhere this season and have stolen a little piece of your heart? Not made for a day of traipsing around unknown streets - you'll have to leave them at home. That backpack that’s actually big enough to fit your camera, portable charger and purse bulging with foreign money in? Really doesn’t go with any of the dresses you wanted to pack. And so the endless juggling act begins....

Cora and Spink bag

Until now. Luckily for us, some brands are starting to take notice. They know we still want to look good while we travel, so we’re no longer forced to choose between the practical (but boring!) option or the Instagram-worthy bag that will slow us down when we want to explore. Some brands have even been born entirely from this (admittedly, first world) problem, and Cora + Spink is one of those brands.

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Cora + Spink designs "bags made to carry you places". Created right here in the heart of Britain, their designs are stylishly minimalistic and designed with urban nomads, active souls and busy bosses in mind - and, yes, they're totally Instagrammable. Even the smaller-sized Ten Ball backpack, which I'm wearing here, is big enough to fit everything you need for a long commute or day exploring the city, including a laptop (there's even a laptop pocket inside!).

Because I know how hard it is to find photo-friendly bags that make travel easier, I’ve teamed up with Cora + Spink to treat two Alajode readers. Both winners will receive a voucher to spend on a style-friendly travel gift or two of their own, so you won’t have to choose between fashion and function next time you travel*.

Entering is super easy: Cora + Spink want to know what colour you’d like to see for their limited edition design next season. Just use the widget below to be in with a chance of winning one of these three prizes (and maybe even see your design brought to life!). The giveaway ends on 17th October and I’ll be announcing the winners on 18th October. Good luck!

*You’ll probably still have to whittle down that shoe collection. Sorry.


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  • Sarah mackay


  • suey1969

    Emerald Green

  • Sarah Cooper


  • Alina Conn

    I’d love it in camouflage.

  • Alina Conn

    It would look great in NAVY.

  • Sean


  • Stafford Brix

    Burnt orange

  • leanne williams

    I like Mauve

  • Helen Stratton

    Forest Green would look great.

  • Liam Bishop

    Mustard yellow

  • Tracy K Nixon

    Gold would be great (ps cannot seem to sign up to your emails as when I do it tells me ‘oops something went wrong – try again later?)

    • Tracy K Nixon

      tried again and still same message so maybe you could add me manually (my email is in your rafflecopter) thanks

  • Kelly law

    Navy would be great!

  • Tony Metcalf

    Powder blue?

  • Jo McPherson

    Rose gold

  • Jayne Townson

    I think turquoise would love good.

  • I think blue would be nice

  • Paula Gwynne

    Rose gold would be an amazing choice

  • Katie Skeoch

    Forest green

  • Melissa Lee

    I would love a mustard yellow one

  • Mirjana

    Beige would be nice :)

  • Allan Fullarton

    Sky Blue

  • Julie Ward


  • bilqees bano


  • stephanie lovatt


  • sarah k.

    A shade of green or blue would be nice.

  • keithhunt

    orchid purple

  • Lydia Graham

    Deep purple

  • sharon martin

    sparkling amethyst

  • alisa moore


  • Natalie Crossan

    Teal :D

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