Travel Beauty Essentials

travel beauty products and dry shampoo

One of the hardest things about travelling full-time is fitting everything you need into a suitcase.

Choosing between all my favourite makeup, haircare and beauty products was overwhelming at first, but it's now one of the best parts of the digital nomad lifestyle. That's because I only have space for things I truly love and use. There's only room for one cleanser, one mascara... one of everything! So if a product isn't worth giving up all other beauty products for, it doesn't waste space in my beauty bag, my suitcase or my life.

After 7 months of full-time travel, these are the products that make the cut. They're all beauty products I travel with because they've earned their spot in my suitcase.

Travel Makeup Essentials


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1. Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette - A compact palette that lasts all day and works for every occasion. The mirror comes in really handy, too! 

2. 2-in-1 Contour StickHighlight and contour in one stick that's easy to apply (and doesn't require loads of extra tools and brushes). This is perfect for throwing in your bag for quick highlighter touch-ups before impromptu photos.

3. Nude by Nature makeup brush set An ethical brush collection, these ones come in a pouch that's perfect for travelling. 

4. Bobbi Brown stick foundationThis foundation is easy to apply wherever you are, gives great coverage and lasts well. I usually throw it in my hand luggage and fly make-up free until landing. 

5. Nyx lip creamBy far the best lipsticks for travel. These paint on like a gloss and dry like a lipstick, and last for AGES. Plus, they're all named after different countries and cities!

6. Lancome Hypnose mascaraThe best mascara I've tried and it's easy to take off. It comes in loads of versions to try but go for one of the waterproof one if you're heading somewhere hot. 

7. Revlon Colorstay concealerA purse-friendly concealer that does the job. 

8. Stila One Step primerPerfect for people with multiple skin issues (like me!) this primer targets redness, fatigue and dark circles in one. Sometimes I wear this without foundation.


Travel Hair Products

Hair products are something I've really had to cut down on since I started travelling. Most hair products are heavy, bulky... and simply not suitable for travel. These are the only hair products I use while travelling. 

Hask Silver Shampoo + Argan Oil Conditioner 

Travelling isn't great for hair - especially when you can't carry loads of restorative products around. Since travelling full-time, I switched to using only paraben-free, sulphate-free shampoos and conditioner to look after my hair. The brand I'm currently using is Hask and I will likely stick with them. I use a silver shampoo with argan oil to help cancel out brassy tones from sun exposure (and because I can't get my colour done regularly!) and the argan oil conditioner to help restore moisture. 


Argan Oil

Yep, as well as Argan oil-infused shampoo and conditioner, I travel with a bottle of pure Argan oil. It's the perfect all-rounder for damaged hair, dry skin and any other beauty need. Just like with makeup, investing in one quality product that can multitask is much better than splitting that money across several products, and Argan oil is super versatile.


Batiste dry shampoo

The one hair product I have no problem justifying is dry shampoo. It helps keep my hair fresh between washes, no matter how hot and humid it gets. It also means I don't have to stress about washing my hair if I have a busy schedule or an early morning flight. Plus, I don't waste so much time washing my hair! 


travel with tape in hair extensions

ClipHair hair extensions

Hair extensions and travel might sound like a bad idea, but I wrote a whole post on why I wear tape in extensions while travelling. Rather than being high maintenance, the ones I'm currently using actually cut down my getting ready time - especially before photoshoots or filming days.


ghd hair straighteners 

I'd love to fully embrace my natural hair and leave the heat styling tools at home, but it's hard when you're on camera every day. I only pick my ghd's up once or twice a week, but they're worth the space and weight they take up when I do need them. Plus, travelling doesn't have to mean roughing it and sometimes you just want to feel a little more glam! 


Remington D3010 hairdryer 

I've been through SO many travel hairdryers in search of one that works in every country, and this is the one I'm using right now. It's a little bit bigger than dryers I've travelled with in the past, but it's super lightweight and dries my hair quicker than any I've used before - so it's worth it.


Travel Toiletries

The only other products I carry with me

COOLA sunless tanning dry oil

I know, I know. Travelling with fake tan seems kind of crazy, but it's the one product I've found is impossible to find abroad. That's probably because, in most cultures, my super pale skin is considered attractive. But I feel better with a tan and don't want to take the risks of getting real one. COOLA's dry tanning oil is great because it looks really natural, dries evenly and is easy to apply and top up without a tanning mitt.


Garnier Micellar Water

One of the only cleansers I'm not allergic to! I used to pick up a packet of cleansing wipes at the airport whenever I travelled, but they just don't do the job properly long-term. One of the best things about Garnier is that it's available in pretty much every country so it's always easy to find. 


Kiehl's Eye Fuel Eye Cream 

I can live without moisturiser, but I can't live without eye cream.