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Africa Travel Blogs

Welcome to my Africa travel blogs archive! From the souks and mountains of North Africa to the wildlife and desserts of Southern Africa, Africa is an easy continent to fall in love with.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Africa or just love learning about the amazing countries in the African continent, here you’ll find all my Africa travel blogs. Enjoy!

My top Africa travel blogs:

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Swaziland (now eSwatini!)

One of the most surreal trips I’ve ever been on – and my first introduction to Southern Africa – eSwatini will always have a place deep in my heart. This small African country is still relative unknown to most of the world, even among avid travellers. How much do you know about the Kingdom of eSwatini (formerly Swaziland)?

What to wear on safari in Africa

This posts deals with one of my ongoing struggles: packing! When I went on my first African safari, I was worried my clothing wouldn’t be up to the typical camo and beige that you see in films… turns out I had little to worry about.