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Travel Blogging & Vlogging

Want to learn more about my travel blogging and travel vlogging? They’re two of my favourite things – as well as two of my income streams as a digital nomad – so let’s jump in!

My travel blogging journey started as a hobby while I worked full-time in London and is now my job (well, one of them!). I get asked a lot of questions about blogging full-time and the camera gear I used, so I decided to start sharing more of my blogging journey and tips with you.

Whether you want to blog for a living or just as a hobby, it’s one of the most rewarding journeys you can take. It’s also an incredibly frustrating one at times, which is why these blog posts share both the good and bad of travel blogging and travel vlogging.

My favourite blog post about travel blogging and travel vlogging

Why I quit fashion blogging

All the tools and gear I use to run my travel blog and YouTube channel 

How I make money from travel blogging

Blogging Conferences: 7 reasons why I go to so many

Thinking of going to a blogging conference? Read this.


Canon M50: The best cheap vlogging camera with flip screen?

As promised, I’m going to start sharing more about my blogging equipment – and my vlogging gear in particular –


Why I Quit Fashion Blogging

You probably clicked on this post half-thinking it was some kind of clickbait-y heading to lure you in, but you’re actually in for a whole lot of realness.