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Want to take better travel photos? Wondering what the best camera insurance for travel is? I got you!

You’ll very rarely find me travelling without a camera in hand and a few lenses in my bag.

As a photographer, nothing feels better than capturing the people, places and moments I experience – and being able to share them with others.

I’m in my travel photography element when capturing emotions, personalities and fleeting moments. From a child smiling at her mother to a leopard emerging from its hiding place, I’m happiest when taking portraits and wildlife photography.

A bit like my general travel style, my photography focuses heavily on immersive travel and ethical wildlife encounters – and helps me transport you on those experiences with me.

Inside my travel camera bag:

You can see my full, up-to-date travel photography kit in this post. I also share why I chose each lens and camera, and what I use them for.

Curious in how I arrange my camera bag for travel? I run through everything in this video:

The best cameras to take on safari

Going on safari? Here’s how to choose the best camera to take with you.

I spend a lot of time doing wildlife photography because it combines my three favourite things: wildlife, photography and travel. This is what to look for in a safari camera.


The best camera for travel video

Looking for a way to capture your travels on video?

This camera is my go-to! It’s affordable, has a flip out screen and captures impressively beautiful videos. I use this video to shoot most of my YouTube travel videos.


The best affordable camera for travellers

Imagine a camera designed with adventurous travel lovers in mind… 

That’s exactly what Canon did with this compact travel point and shoot. I put it to the test while on location in Iceland – and these are the results I got.


Finding the right camera insurance for travel

Did you know that your camera insurance might not be valid when you travel?

Camera insurance is designed to protect your gear – but often that only extends are far as your home country.

If you’re travelling further afield, your camera insurance might not be enough. If you’re travelling long-term, it almost certainly won’t be.

I covered everything you need to consider when buying camera insurance for travel in this post.

Woman taking photos on a telephoto lens and Canon DSLR camera on safari

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