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How I’m Travelling With Intention This Year

A few weeks ago, I blogged about my new year’s resolutions and 2017 goals. The following week, I shared my 2017 travel bucket list with you. And last week, I shared this Instagram photo about how yoga has finally found a place in my life – and how my life’s all the better for it (I finally feel comfortable posting a make-up free photo!):



So where am I going with all this?

I’ll just cut to the chase: Something I’ve always wanted to do is book a wellness break or retreat and I don’t know why I haven’t already done it.

Maybe I just thought I wasn’t that kind of person (what ‘kind’ of person I mean, I have no idea). Or perhaps I never had the guts to do something that’s a little out of my comfort zone until now.

Well, as I started to write today’s post and think about what I wanted to say, I realised that going on a wellness break is exactly what I should be doing – because it’s kind of a combination of all of the goals I’ve been sharing with you over the last month or so.

Two of my new year’s resolutions were to be braver and make more time for myself. One of my travel goals is to take another winter sun break. I drew up the travel bucket list and even started a travel blog because I want to travel more intentionally from now and make the most of those special moments. And something I’ve been thinking about for as long as I can remember, is some kind of self-care getaway.

The thing I really love about travel

I set these goals for myself because I’m serious about making them happen… And what’s better than being able to tick a few things off at once?

Healthy living magazine

A journey to feeling good

As I’m finally feeling on track with my fitness goals and have found a way to make self-care a regular part of my routine, there’s no better time than now. Something has clicked and I’ve decided that this is the year.

I’m still a little nervous, sure, but my fear of not giving it a go and missing out is now greater than any small worries I have about whether I’ll be “good enough” or if I’ll “fit in”.

It finally feels like a natural next step and something I can’t not do, and I’m SO excited to book something. Who would have thought that a year after I almost gave up on yoga, I’d be practicing at least once week and enjoying it so much I’d be excited to dedicate one of my holidays to it? Isn’t it funny how time can change things?

The problem, of course, is choosing where and when to go.

It turns out there are a LOT of options when it comes to health and wellness retreats. BookYogaRetreats lists over 4,000 different retreats across more than 250 locations… so there’s certainly no lack of choice!

After a lot of thinking, browsing and dreaming, I’m narrowed it down to two options that I’m now deciding between.

Feel good diary and travel photograh

Costa Rica 

The first is the bravest of the two – but also the one I’m leaning towards for that reason alone. I’ve wanted to travel to Costa Rica since two of my friends moved there a few years ago, but have been putting it off for one reason or another.

After being forced to switch off in Cuba in November, I’m keen to take a full break – digital life and all – again. It’s the only way to fully and completely relax (and apparently it’s all the rage right now).

6 Places To Visit In January

The retreat I’m eyeing up is 6 days long and is a cleanse and detox break for beginners in the Costa Rican mountains. As well as daily yoga and meditation, it promises the guidance of a health professional and mornings waking up to the sound of nature, all for £857.

Plus it would leave me a few days to go explore the rainforest before heading home.


The second retreat on my shortlist is much, much closer to home but is another place I’ve been meaning to go (back) to: Devon.

I graduated from the University of Exeter in 2014 and haven’t been back to the South West since, so, again, it would be an ideal way to tick two things off at once. (Didn’t I tell you I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to efficiency and time management?).

This 3-day break includes daily meals, plant-based snacks and a light healing session, as well as 2 days of yoga and fitness classes. Oh, and you get to stay in a yurt. Yes, a YURT. So that would be glamping ticked off the list, too!

Exeter Devon yoga retreat

So which one will it be: A sunny, Costa Rican adventure or a weekend escape back to my university town? Right now I’m find it so impossible to choose so much that I’m tempted to just go for it and tick two off the list with a November yoga break to look forward to all year (and banish the December guilt before it has chance to kick in!) and a summer return to Devon.

Which would you pick?

p.s. If you’re tempted to book a retreat yourself, check out the gazillions of options (okay, thousands) on BookYogaRetreats. And if you want to be my yoga retreat buddy, holla at me…



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