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My Ultimate Rules For Wardrobe Decluttering

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Last week I shared a pretty personal with you on my big (okay, huge!) life detox. And today I’m pleased to be able to say that I’ve already made a start…

You may remember that I mentioned how uncomfortable it felt to commit to something so huge. I’ve never done a huge clear-out before and, when I’ve tried, I always seem to end up with more stuff than I started with!

This time, however, it’s happening for real. No excuses.

And I’ve decided to jump right in at the deep end and start with the hardest part of all: the wardrobe.

How to declutter your wardrobe

Decluttering the closet


Like many girls, I have too many clothes and just as many excuses: I love shopping. I blog. I never have anything to wear.

But for the first time, I’m starting to realise that having fewer things would not mean having less to wear – in fact, it sounds counter-intuitive but having fewer clothes can mean having more to wear. Why? Because if you’re wearing 100% of the clothes you own, you’re always going to find something to wear when you open your wardrobe door in the morning.

Closet decluttering tips

The ultimate wardrobe sort out


To try and simplify my life and ALL-of-the-things, I’m going to (note: not attempting, but doing!) get rid of about 80% of my clothes. I know that’s a pretty big task, so here’s my current plan of attack…


1. Make a (realistic) list

There’s little point diving straight into something as big and messy as this without knowing what you do and don’t need, so I started by thinking about the things I’ll definitely wear. And that means definitely – not “probably”!

2. Start with the special pieces

I have a crazy number of evening dresses even though I probably only wear one a handful of times per year. And when it’s a really special occasion I may even borrow one (like I did for the TV BAFTAs), meaning I probably need even fewer than that.

For this reason, I’ve decided limit myself to 5-6 evening dresses – enough to cover all occasions – and I’m storing them safe and sound at one end of my wardrobe before I get started on the rest.

3. Set aside the favourites

Once I have my evening wear sorted, I should only be left with gym clothes and clothes I (could) wear every day. I’m lucky that I can work in whatever I like, but if you have to dress a certain way for the office, you may want to include another step for that.

Before attacking the bulk of what’s left, I’ll make sure all of my favourite bags and tops and dresses are kept safe. By favourites, I mean the things I absolutely love to bits and wear whenever I can – the pieces I get excited about when I know they’re fresh out of the wash, if you like.

I know it will be easy to get carried away at this point, so I’ll set a limit again. Right now I’m thinking 20 pieces should cover it, but I’ll try to make it a little less if possible.

4. Sort through the rest

This is where the hard work really starts!

After the important pieces are back in the wardrobe, the amount I choose to keep will depend on how much space there is. I have a tendency to stuff as much as possible into my wardrobe (anyone else do that?!) and I want that to change, so choosing just a few extra pieces will be tough… watch this space!

Day to night LBD outfit

Shop my (huge!) stash

As I’m going to be getting rid of a lot of clothes and accessories, I’m going to be listing many of the best pieces on my Depop and Carousell (username: alajode on both). And if you’re selling on Carousell, I’ve just announced a little competition over on my Instagram, so make sure you check it out!

Have you ever had a huge clear-out of your wardrobe? Did you feel better afterwards? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to tackle your own wardrobe for ages? I’d love to hear your stories so please leave them below!

Jodie xo

Shop the look

The pieces I’m wearing in these photos won’t be up for sale as they’re staying firmly in my wardrobe (sorry!) but here’s where you can buy them and some other similar pieces:

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4 Responses
  • Kinga Kurek
    25 . 09 . 2016

    I decluttered my wardrobe myself few weeks ago and nothing feels better! I love how you made a blog post outfit!
    Kinga x

    • Jodie
      10 . 10 . 2016

      Thanks lovely. I can’t believe I put it off for so long myself because you’re right, it really does feel incredible! x

  • LoveLaughExplore
    07 . 10 . 2016

    when we moved I had to go through every piece to pack it up …I got rid of a lot (so I thought) but now putting together everything in the new closet I still have way too much but I swear I love every piece!

    • Jodie
      10 . 10 . 2016

      I’m exactly the same! Somehow more just always seems to turn up, doesn’t it? Good luck with it :) xx

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