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WIN A Trip to Aruba & “Discover Real Happiness” (ad)

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Fancy jetting off the island of Aruba? Read on to find out how you can win a 7-night stay at the beautiful Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort.

win an aruba trip

But first let’s talk about choosing a travel destination…

One of the biggest (non-)problems with travel blogging is the growing bucket list that comes with it. Where I used to pick my travel destinations based on photos from magazines, videos on TV or stories my friends told me, I’m now constantly surrounded by new ideas, Insta-stories and anecdotes to fuel my travel dreams and keep that list topped up. A little too topped up, perhaps.

And here’s the crazy thing: since quitting my job to travel full-time, I feel like I have LESS time to travel than ever before.

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I know, I know. I have all the time in the world – or as much time as I want to set aside every day, week or year. But the pressure to tick those travel bucket items off has never been greater now that I’ve made the leap. After all, how can you spend your whole life travelling and not find time to see everything you want to see?

The truth is, there are almost too many options. Now that the restrictions (i.e. limited annual leave and the London lifestyle that drained my bank balance every month) have been lifted, the possibilities are basically as great as they’re ever going to be. It’s probably not going to get any easier or better than it is right now – and that comes with a lot of pressure.

I feel like, now that I’m able to travel this way, I want to get it right. I want to choose my destinations wisely and share all the best bits of the world. So I’m trying to edit that list and narrow it down to the places I can’t possibly not visit.

aruba town hall

Aruba architecture

Why Aruba is on the list

As you’d expect, I come across a lot of bloggers, travellers and destination officers. They all have their own stories and recommendations to share, and I must have been persuaded to add almost every country to that precious bucket list at some point. To be honest, sometimes it can all become a bit of a blur. It’s overwhelming.

But one place that consistently pops up is Aruba. From the lively stand at ITB (an annual travel conference and fair in Berlin) to my friend Christie’s crazy buggy tour of the island, Aruba has a whole lot to offer and I want to see it all.

paddle board yoga

jeep offroading in Aruba

By “all” I’m talking beautiful sunsets. Drinks on the beach. Stunning beaches. Luxury spas. Adventure sports. Paddle board yoga. Sailing. Music festivals. Jeep off-roading. Exploring caves. Getting lost among colourful buildings and friendly faces. Despite its tiny population of just over 100,000, Aruba has a little bit of everything and it all comes with a lot of happiness.

There’s good reason why Aruba’s tagline is “One Happy Island”. I come across a lot of different destination slogans, but Aruba’s is one that has stuck with me since the first time I heard it. And if you’re not already smiling from hearing that, I bet this video will put a smile on your face:


There’s something irresistible about destinations that squeeze in something for everyone, and there’s no doubt that Aruba is one of those places. In March, the island becomes an even happier, more colourful place as the annual carnival comes to town.

I also love anywhere that can be explored from above and below land. In Aruba, you can enjoy the sea from above with windsurfing, sailing or paddle board yoga, then dive into the clear seas with a snorkel to explore the marine life up close.

On land, you can enjoy everything from hiking and cycling to exploring Aruba’s colourful buildings and iconic sites such as the California Lighthouse and Alto Vista Chapel. And if you prefer green to blue, Arikok National Park makes up around 18% of the island, so you won’t be disappointed.

Arikok national park aruba

cycling in Aruba

Win a trip to Aruba!

If Aruba is on your travel bucket list too, now’s your chance to tick it off (for free!) because the Aruba Tourism Board is giving away a very generous luxury trip to the island.

And if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t normally enter competitions, don’t look away yet – this is one you probably won’t want to miss.

One (very!) lucky winner will win a 7-day trip to Aruba for two, including flights and a luxury hotel stay. And if that’s not enough, you’ll also get an additional airport hotel stay, airport parking and lounge access, so you won’t have to think about anything. Sounds pretty heavenly, right?

You can enter the One Happy Island competition by clicking here. Whether you prefer taking it easy or getting adventurous, there are three holiday types to choose from, so you can have an Aruba holiday that suits your own travel style.

Good luck and don’t forget to let me know that you entered so I can keep my fingers and toes and everything cross-able crossed for you. (And yes, I’m super jealous that it won’t be me!)


This blog was written by me, in partnership with the Aruba Tourism Board (possibly the happiest tourism board in the world). All images licensed by the Aruba Tourism Authority,

4 Responses
  • Lucy
    29 . 05 . 2018

    Oh Jodie, you absolute babe you! I entered for a competition to Aruba through Traverse earlier this year and was my usual non lucky self haha! So hopefully this is a case of second time lucky! ;) I can dream! x

  • Lucy
    29 . 05 . 2018

    Ah. Clicked on the links you provided but I’m not taken through to a competition entry page? Any idea how and where I would enter? I had a look on the Aruba Tourism site but no keywords coming back for ‘competition’ in search? x

    • Jodie
      30 . 05 . 2018

      I’ve added the link to “clicking here” ! :) Good luck! x

  • Lucy
    31 . 05 . 2018

    Thanks Jodie! I’ve entered and am keeping my fingers tightly crossed (Aruba would be an amazing honeymoon destination!) I love the idea of doing yoga on the beach and their wine & dine tour also sounds amazing! x

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