Where some of the world’s unique wildlife lives along innovative cities and desolate outback. It could only be Australia.

More of a continent than a single country, moving between – and even within – Australia’s regions is like moving between different worlds.

Prepare to be wowed and wooed by Australia’s many facets.

Koala in Yanchep National Park near Perth

Why visit Australia:

Australia will take you by surprise more than once.

Australia is a country of contrasting wonders, where arid landscapes lead to thriving marine life, and iconic cities are just a short drive from desolation and natural beauty. It’s the kind of place that doesn’t just feel like it’s out of a movie set at time, but many movie sets set over many decades.

Australia has a little bit of everything, as well as many experiences you simply can’t have elsewhere. With its oodles of coastline, many of these experiences can be found around the country’s impressively blue waters. But don’t overlook the interior, either.

The seventh most bio-diverse country in the world, Australia’s varied lands provide unique habitats for its eclectic wildlife. Many of the animals found here can’t be seen anywhere else, including kangaroos, koalas, quokkas, platypus and the endangered Australian sea lion.

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In one day in Rockingham, a city just south of Perth, you can see plenty of the area’s varied wildlife. Little penguins, Australian sea lions, shags and Australian pelicans are just some of the animals you may spot.


ONLY IN Australia: Take a quokka selfie!

Often called the “happiest animal in the world”, quokkas have to be seen to be believed. These cute little marsupials only live on a few islands off the Australian coast – here’s where to see them.


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The Fraser Suites in East Perth are part boutique hotel, part homely apartment. It’s the perfect (luxurious) home from home, with a delicious breakfast and fantastic coffee served every morning.