When you travel Colombia, you won’t just see a single country. You’ll see many different ecosystems, lifestyles and traditions.

Colombia is a country that’s largely defined by its geography – a geography that differs greatly from one region to the next.

Home to high mountains, tropical beaches, dense jungle and sprawling countryside, Colombia is a country of many faces.

A howler monkey climbing a tree in the Barbas Bremen nature reserve in Filandia Colombia

Why visit Colombia:

Very few travellers feel like they have enough time in Colombia.

Colombia is rich in sights to see, dishes to taste and experiences to immerse yourself in. Even if you spent months or years exploring, there’s a good chance it just wouldn’t be enough.

Colombia’s diversity is one of the things that makes it such a special place to travel. You can be hiking in a wax palm forest or remote coffee farm one day and snorkelling in the Caribbean the next. Colombia is a feast for nature lovers, culture seekers and foodies alike – and each of the country’s distinctive regions has its own treasures to discover.

And then there are the people. Colombians are some of the most welcoming locals I’ve ever come across. Passionate about changing their reputation and showing the world the true nature of their country, Colombians will go out of their way to make sure you’re looked after while you’re there.

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