With its lowest point at 1,400m, Lesotho is the country that sits entirely about 1,000m.

Its impressive altitude gives this mountainous African kingdom a very unique character.

From its geography to its people, Lesotho will enchant and charm you, guaranteeing a trip you’ll cherish forever.

Pictures of Lesotho mother and child

Why visit Lesotho:

For some reason, Lesotho seems to evade most traveller’s bucket lists and itineraries. 

Perhaps it’s why Lesotho feels so mysterious. It’s still largely unknown, largely undiscovered, and remains completely unknown by many people. When you tell people you’re travelling to Lesotho, there’s a good chance they won’t even know where it is.

Lesotho’s geography is one of the most intriguing things about it, though. Entirely surrounded by South Africa, it often gets forgotten by travellers who visit the region.

This Southern African kingdom shouldn’t be overlooked, though. If you love the outdoors or meeting locals, it will probably be a highlight of any Africa trip. And if you relish unique, authentic experiences, it’s simply unmissable.

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