A trip to Mexico is sure to be a colourful one.

It’s just hard to say what will be the most colourful. The buildings, with their primary colour paint work? The food, bursting with flavour and satisfaction? Or the moments, often filled with spontaneous music and dance.

Mexico is a true feast for the senses – and you’ll never feel fully satiated.

Chiapas Waterfalls Las Nubes

Why visit Mexico:

Mexico is vibrant, fun and eye-opening. Whatever you expect to find here, your expectations will be exceeded.

A fairly large country, there are many sides to Mexico. From the Yucatan’s pristine beaches to Mexico City’s street food, much of Mexico may feel familiar even if it’s your first time stepping foot on its soil.

And then there are the sides that you rarely hear about. Beyond the beaches, food and mariachi bands, Mexico is home to stretches of untouched land. Many of them were inhabited in the past – the lesser-visited Mayan ruins can attest to that – but now lie in wait for the occasional tourist. If you want a true Mexican adventure, I suggest letting that tourist be you.

Mexico is home to some breathtaking natural wonders, too. Its cenotes are a must-visit for a once in a lifetime chance to swim in a natural pit. Mexico is home to some impressive waterfalls, too – the kind that might put Iceland to shame.

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