It’s unlikely that your first trip to Portugal will be your only one.

Portugal is one of the easiest countries to travel. But for what it offers in accessibility, it doesn’t compromise in reward.

Far from it, travelling Portugal is an endless feast for the senses, the heart and the imagination.

2 days in Porto

Why visit Portugal:

I may be a little biased since Portugal is the country that, after three years of full time travel, I decided to make my home.

I’m certainly not the first person to feel completely welcome in Portugal, though. Despite its unique beaches, food and traditions, Portugal is a country in which it’s surprisingly easy to feel at home.

Despite its many rural towns and remote villages, language barriers are rarely a problem in Portugal. When they inevitably crop up, the locals knock them down with good humour and heaps of hospitality. The Portuguese take this same  positive approach to almost everything, and its infectiousness can be felt as soon as you arrive.

Something else you’ll quickly notice in Portugal is how much variety there is. Medieval castles and mosaic-covered churches sit on the same streets as vegan pop-ups and some of Europe’s best beaches. It makes Portugal an eclectic travel destination, and this quirky combination will only leave you wanting more.

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PLAN YOUR Portugal TRIP: Stay somewhere local

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