Visiting Singapore is as close as you can come to taking a trip around the entire world in one city.

Singapore’s many international influences are visible everywhere.

From the world-class food and world-leading parks to otherworldly architecture, Singapore is a playground for travellers, foodies and nature lovers alike.

A street in Singapore

Why visit Singapore:

Although small, Singapore is one of the most eclectic cities in the world.

Singapore doesn’t just do everything – it does it all well. High standards are part of everyday life in Singapore, and that applies to everything from the city’s architecture to the street food.

While Singapore’s multiculturalism permeates every corner of the city, it’s never without a Singaporean twist. Singapore’s unwavering orderliness and cleanliness are the only things that will remind you that you’re not in China, India or the Middle East.

Singapore is a country that you probably won’t expect to love – and, for that, it will only exceed your expectations even more. Spend any amount of time here, though, and you’ll quickly find yourself drawn it by Singapore’s quirky architecture, incredible food and fun approach to life.


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