The incredible food, undiscovered sights and endless generosity will surprise and delight you when you visit Taiwan.

Taiwan may well be one of the most underrated travel destinations in the world. Despite knowing very little about it, I felt something pulling me there.

It didn’t disappoint at all – far from it, I completely fell in love. And I expect you will too.

Taipei Temple Taiwan

Why visit Taiwan:

My only regret in travelling to Taiwan is that I didn’t go there sooner.

Taiwan is an unusual place to visit. It has a perfect blend of familiarity and uniqueness which, together, serve up a destination that feels both comfortable and exciting.

If you’ve ever been to Japan, Taiwan may well give you a sense of déjà vu. With its themed food establishments, bubble tea and love of all things matcha, you’ll feel yourself in familiar territory.

Only it won’t all be familiar – along with its many international imports and exports, Taiwan has kept many of its gastronomical treasures all to itself. Eating your way around Taiwan’s many street markets, food halls and restaurants is an adventure in itself, and it may be the best cuisine you never tried.

And then there’s the hospitality you’re certain to experience. Despite a very real language barrier, the Taiwanese are by far the most generous people I’ve ever encountered on my travels. Never have I felt more welcome than I did in Taiwan. It’s a place in which it’s very easy to feel at home – and very hard to say goodbye to.

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