There’s a reason why so many travellers go back to Thailand time and time again.

Thailand has a little bit of everything: beautiful beaches, impressive temples and some of the best tasting food in the whole world.

Thailand is the kind of country where it’s almost impossible to get bored.

Chiang Mai Thailand

Why visit Thailand:

Island retreat, city break or country escape?

In Thailand you can have all three.

Thailand might be most famous for its bustling capital city and party islands, but there’s plenty to explore once you’ve ticked those off the bucket list.

The northern part of Thailand in particular has plenty mountainous villages that are asking to be explored. Whether you want to escape into nature or pull up a chair to enjoy some home cooked food, you’ll find all of that and so much up here. If the temples are one of the things that drew you to Thailand, make sure you don’t miss Chiang Mai while you’re here.

And there are the Thai islands. These dreamy isles are a little slice of paradise in south east Asia, and offer plenty of luxury for all budgets. Here, you’ll find postcard perfect beaches that don’t feel a long way from the busy streets of Bangkok, but a long way from pretty much anywhere.

Thailand is so diverse and easy to travel around that you can enjoy all of this and more in just a week or two. If you’re looking for an Asian country with plenty to see in a short period of time, it’s pretty hard to beat.

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