Charming cities and equally inviting countryside abound in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is one of the most innovative and creative countries in the world – the kind of place where you simply can’t help but feel inspired by everything around you.

Yet there’s a very strong sense of tradition here, too. It’s simply not possible to visit the Netherlands without experiencing both.

Coffeelab cafe Eindhoven

Why visit the Netherlands:

Every part of the Netherlands has its own distinct character, yet you never risk forgetting which country you’re in.

The Netherlands is a unique mix of tradition and innovation, where ancient cheese-making methods take place inside modern architecture, vehicle-free streets leads to hip craft breweries and tulip fields are just a short train ride from international cities.

Spending some time in both the cities and the country isn’t hard to do, and it’s something you should consider when planning your trip to the Netherlands. Make time to see all the things that the Netherlands does best: windmills, canals, beer, cheese, waffles, tulips and bicycles.

And then make time to simply explore. It’s very easy to get a local perspective in the Netherlands by simply jumping off the beaten tourist track and seeing where you end up. You can easily stumble across a quirky museum, a hidden restaurant or find yourself down an alley of antique shops.

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