December is all about spending time with your nearest and dearest, creating memories and indulging (of course)!

However, as our social calendars fill up, we can lose our enthusiasm for traditional Christmas food. If you are looking for a fresh take on a festive menu, Inamo restaurant offers delicious pan Asian food in a modern setting. Why not swap turkey for sichaun chicken? Or a mince pie for mochi? 

Tech-first dining in Camden

One of Inamo‘s charms is its unique blend of technology and dining; customers order their food using tablets, which I have to say appeals to the millennial in me. Voted best local food in Camden by Timeout, I went to see what all the fuss was about.

A mere 5-minute walk from the heart of Camden, Inamo is host to a stunning winter garden, featuring dining pods, fairy lights, cosy rugs, and heaters. This makes it the perfect place for a seasonal catch-up and a glass of wine or three. When the two of us arrived on a Friday evening, the garden was busy but welcoming and full of groups of friends celebrating the weekend.

dragon roll at inamo camden
The dragon rolls are both cute and delicious!

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A different kind of Christmas menu

My least favourite thing about Christmas menus is that you usually to choose what I want to eat in advance. How will I know what I fancy? What if I want to try everything? Inamo’s Bookatable Christmas tasting menu is the answer for the indecisive (or hungry), gifting guests with bottomless food and drinks!

Comprised of “Asian tapas”, you begin by ordering 3 dishes each but once they are finished you can order 3 more and so on until you are full. The only rule is that the first set of dishes need to be finished before you can continue on to the next course. Everything is made to share and can be washed down by unlimited beer or wine of your choice. 

We feasted on dragon roll sushi, Korean ribs, Asian vegetables and so much more. There was something for every type of foodie from vegan, to healthy or even the dedicated carnivore. You could even take someone who didn’t love Asian food as there were plenty of other options like sweet potato fries. In fact, there was so much choice it was a little overwhelming but that’s hardly a complaint. I would recommend the Bang bang cauliflower as it was sweet and so full of flavour, my friend was convinced it was meat.The portions were generous so after our first round, we were starting to feel full but we strove on – for research purposes, obviously. However, by round 3, we were defeated.

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Fancy but friendly

Despite ordering our food digitally, it is worth noting how accommodating the staff are. For a restaurant that prides itself on its sleek modern interior, Inamo is in no way pretentious. Our waiter was friendly and attentive and our wine glasses were never empty. For only £75 for both of us, we had a fun evening in a scenic setting. We managed to try up to 9 different dishes (I lost count), all colourful and with exciting flavours. It certainly beats another festive roast! And with venues in Soho and Covent Garden, I will be returning to Inamo – and next time I will finish the ribs.