It’s the end of another year, and that means it’s time to start thinking about the next one!

The truth is, I’ve been planning my 2019 travels for longer than I’d like to admit. When I first started travelling full-time, the idea was to live pretty spontaneously and move from one digital nomad destination to the next as and when I felt like it. But with work commitments, conferences and other projects that need a little more planning, I’m basically now living to a 2-year plan.

That means I can confidently share some of my 2019 destinations with you, but it doesn’t mean that things won’t change. In fact, my travel plans for summer 2019 have already changed entirely because of a friend’s wedding. But even when these travel plans are set in stone, I’ve still left some room for spontaneity along the way.

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My 2019 travel plans (so far)

Broadway Travel have just released their 2019 travel trends, so I’ve teamed up with them to see how my own plans compare. I’m really happy to see some of my favourite destinations, including the Greek Islands, Romania and Portugal, making the list.

I have flights book until the beginning of May, so the first five months of the year are pretty decided. That said, there’s still room for plans to change a little.

Iceland northern lights

January: a mix of seasons

I’m spending Christmas and New Year in the UK, but I won’t be hanging around for long after. On the 2nd day of 2019, I’m hopping on my first flight of the year and heading to one of Broadway Travel’s top 2019 destinations: Iceland. I’ll be there for one of Brendan’s workshops and cannot wait.

Unlike Namibia, I’m not going to be assisting on the Iceland workshop. I’m just tagging along for fun, and to hopefully tick the top item off my travel bucket list: seeing the northern lights!

After Iceland, it’s back to the UK for around 48 hours and then my winter ends. I’ve become such a baby recently and, after leaving South Africa mid-summer, I’m struggling with the cold. My winter will be lasting just over one month because I’ll be Philippines-bound come mid-January.

If you’ve been following this blog or my YouTube channel for a while, you’ll know that I went to the Philippines in 2018. It was one of my favourite travel destinations this year, but two weeks really wasn’t enough. I’ve been itching to get back every since, so I’m looking forward to having a full two months to more of this beautiful country.

What to pack for the philippines

February: a quick bucket list trip

I’ll be based in Manila for the whole of February, in a slightly swanky Airbnb with views across the city. The apartment has a pool, a gym and enough office space to get work done, so I’ll probably spend a lot of my time at ‘home’.

I plan to break up the month with 2-3 trips outside of Manila, but I haven’t decided where to go yet. I also plan to take one week out of the Philippines to renew my visa and visit a country that’s super high on my bucket list: Taiwan.

Palawan Philippines El Nido beach sunset

March: travelling through time zones

March is the month I’m most likely to get jet-lag. I’ll begin the month in the Philippines before travelling to Norway via Singapore. Then, after a 10-day second winter, I’m hopping on a flight all the way down to Santiago, Chile on 30 March.

patagoniaApril: a new continent!

I will arrive in Santiago on 1st April and it will be my very first time in South America! The cold weather will continue as I explore Patagonia for two weeks, before ending the month in Lima, Peru. In Peru, I’ll finally be taking the Spanish classes I’ve always wanted to take!

A helicopter flight in Canada

May: a country I’ve been wanting to go back to

After a hectic April, I’ll be spending the whole of May in Canada. There will be some adventure and I hope to visit BC for the first time, but Brendan and I will be there first and foremost to spend time with his family. We’ll be in Toronto for one week before heading over to Alberta.

I went to Canada for the first time in 2017 and I’ve wanted to go back ever since. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to share some videos from there this time around!

Gondola in Venice Italy

June: conferences and catch ups

I don’t have June planned out yet(!) but I expect I’ll be spending a fair amount of time in the UK. I’ll be flying from Canada to Italy for a travel blogging conference. Rather than just attending this one, I’ll be giving my first ever travel blogging talk about affiliate marketing.

The conference ends around mid-June, and I haven’t decided what I’ll be doing next. My best friend from school is having his first baby in April and will be holding the christening at the end of June, so I’ll be back in the UK for that. And depending on how much time I have between that and the conference, I may spend a little more time in Italy. I may also take a quick trip to Spain to visit another friend, but I guess only time (and christening dates) will tell!

art house tbilisi georgia

July: the wildcard month

July is basically completely unplanned and I’m super excited about that! The original plan was to (finally!) head out to Australia for July and August, but my friend’s wedding in early August put that trip on hold.

I don’t really know what I’ll do for July, yet. I’m planning to be around for the last couple of weeks to help with any wedding prep – especially as I’ve been a long-distance bridesmaid for most of the planning! I may end up spending some extended time back in the UK, I may leave it open for paid trips and work or I may go house-hunting in Europe. I guess only time will tell…


How to make the weekend feel longer
Last time I went to France.

August: a semi-unplanned month

After fulfilling my bridesmaid duties on August 3rd, I’m completely free until around the 19th. I’m currently undecided but considering a quick trip back to one of my previous ‘homes’. The first option is Jordan, where I lived for a year while studying Arabic, but it will more likely be France, where I lived and worked for six months.

I used to visit France at least once or twice a year, but haven’t been since August 2016. That means I’m well overdue a visit to some of my closest friends. Plus, with France one of the top travel destinations for 2019, it would be great to share some insider tips and content.

Around August 19th, I’ll make my way to my next temporary home: Bali! I’ll be spending the rest of August and all of September in Indonesia.

Ubud Bali Indonesia

September: my birthday in Bali?

Getting back into the normal digital nomad base routine, I’ll be in Bali for around 7-8 weeks in total. My birthday will fall during that time, so I’ll probably try to take some down time as well as exploring a country I’ve never seen before.

Towards the end of September, Brendan will be hosting a photography retreat in Ubud and I’ll be helping out at that, so I don’t see us venturing too far afield during the month. But it’ll probably be nice to stick in one place for a bit!

How long does ESTA take USA visa for California
Joshua Tree National Park: One of my favourite spots in California.

October: another big occasion

Originally, I was considering going to Nepal to trek the Annapurna Circuit with Brendan in October. Now, it’s looking like I’ll spend the middle of the month in California to celebrate my dad’s birthday. We’ve always wanted to visit the original Disneyland and have decided to make it happen this year!

Since most of the flights from Bali to LA include a layover in Seoul, I’ll probably leave a little earlier and tick another country off my list. There’s nowhere in the world I want to go more than South Korea, so I’m thinking of spending a week or so there on my way to the States. I don’t really know why it’s top of my list, but it has been for a while.

November: a trans-Atlantic month

After spending a few days in California in October, I’ll most likely head back to the UK for a week or two at the end of the month/beginning of November. I wouldn’t have been in the UK for three months and will be away for Christmas next year, so I’ll want to come back and spend some time with my family.

The first week of November is also when WTM (World Travel Market) takes place. It’s a London-based travel conference, a bit like ITB in Berlin, and I’ve never actually been. Conferences are my way of catching up with friends and peers in the industry, as well as securing work for the year ahead, so I like to go to one or two every year.

Then, it will most likely be back to the states to make the most of my 3-month ESTA!

Havasupai Falls hike: Hiking to Havasu Falls Arizona

December: a warmer Christmas

Brendan’s parents spend the winter in Arizona, so we’ll most likely head there for Christmas next year. It means I spend every other Christmas pretty far from my own family, but I don’t mind having some warmer weather!

While in the USA, I want to revisit some of my favourite spots from last time as well as exploring some new ones. I’d love to spend a little longer exploring more of Arizona and Utah, as well a little more of southern California. The whole of December is unplanned right now because it’s still a year away, but I know it won’t be hard to fill!

When I’ve told people about my plans for 2019, they’ve been surprised! I’ve kind of planned it loosely without really thinking about it too much. But it’s nice to have some idea of where in the world I’ll be. Where will you be heading?