If there’s one thing I’ve learned from travelling full-time, it’s this: gear matters. And never is that more true than when it comes to hiking. Whether you’re taking on the challenging Havasupai Falls hike or heading off for a 2 night break in the UK countryside, you’ll want to be prepared. And this brand new bag from Bergaus may just be the best hiking backpack for women so far.

Let me tell you why…

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Do you need a backpack especially for women?

The short answer is no. But the sensible answer is that a hiking backpack made especially for women will be a worthy investment. And I honestly didn’t realise how much difference it would make until I starting using one.

Our bodies are different to men’s. Generally speaking, we have wider hips, narrower shoulders and shorter torsos. In other words, the area where our backpack sits is proportioned completely differently!

Women’s hiking backpacks are designed with this difference in mind. And if you’re going to buy a hiking backpack anyway, why not get one that’s made for your body?

The one exception here is going to be if you’re much taller or have broader shoulders than the average female. If that’s the case, you might want to run in the other direction and avoid any hiking backpacks made especially for women. They may do the opposite to what you want!

Best Hiking Backpack for WomenBenefits of a women’s hiking back

Here are just a few reasons why you might want to buy a hiking backpack designed specifically for women.

Fit: A backpack that sculpts to your body is always going to be easier to carry, especially if you’re filling it up. A well-designed backpack that fits well won’t weight you down as much as one that doesn’t.

If you’re going for a challenging or multi-day hike, this one is going to make the biggest difference of all. A standard backpack might do the trick for shorts walks and hikes, but you’ll really notice the difference when the trails get longer.

Comfort: With a better fit comes greater comfort. A backpack for women sits in all the right places once you have it set up right. You might not think it would make much difference, but you’ll notice it from the first use.

Adjustments: Women’s hiking backpacks are designed to fit women’s bodies – in all their different shapes and sizes. That means that you’ll find adjustable straps in all the places you need them, including hips and shoulders. If you’re petite, you’ll be pleased to know that the straps will actually feel tight enough, too.

Lower risk of injury: Nobody wants to injure themselves while getting healthy! Women’s backpacks are designed to put as little strain on your body as possible. If you hike or use a hiking backpack a lot, you’re going to be doing your body a huge favour by choosing the right backpack.


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The Berghaus Freeflow 25 / 35

The women’s version of the Berghaus Freeflow backpack was launched earlier this year and it was the backpack I’d been waiting for. Lightweight, functional and – most importantly of all – built with the female body in mind.

The Berghaus Freeflow range has been around for years. Decades, even. But this is the first Freeflow hiking backpack for women.

The women’s Freeflow comes in two sizes: 25L and 35L. The smaller one is £75 while the larger backpack retails for £95. I ended up going with the 35L backpack and it’s a great size, but I definitely could have made do with a smaller bag. Even though I went for the bigger version, it still looks and feels pretty compact.

Unlike other walking backpacks and day-packs I’ve had, I actually look forward to using this one. Normally I get excited for the first couple of uses… and then it becomes a chore as I remember how sweaty or uncomfortable it was last time. Not with this one. It’s airy, it’s comfortable and it just never feels like a burden.

Berghaus Freeflow 25 35 Backpack for WomenWhy the Berghaus Freeflow is the best hiking backpack for women!

In case you haven’t realised, I kinda love this backpack. It’s built for hiking and it’s designed for women, so naturally it’s a great hiking backpack for women. Here are just a few reasons why.

The ventilation system

One of my favourite things about the Freeflow backpack is the back design. I cannot tell you just how nice it is to not have to worry about sweaty back syndrome. I’ve used this bag while hiking in the summer heat in Devon and having the extra airflow made SUCH a difference. It also meant I could pop into the pub and enjoy a mid-hike cider without worrying about back sweat…

The size(s)

The two sizes available are both great and I really struggled to choose between them. I really loved the navy, but the serial over-packer in me settled on the 35L, which only comes in turquoise. If you’re planning an overnight trip, the 35L will be your best bet. But for everyday hiking and walking, the smaller version is more than enough for everything you need.

The padding

This backpack is SO comfortable! So much so that I wish I could swap my camera bag for it every day. It’s one of the most heavily padded backpacks I’ve ever used, yet the padding doesn’t add loads of bulk.

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The pockets

Even though the Freeflow backpack is super compact, it has a couple of really handy pockets. It doesn’t have loads of them, but the ones it has are in all the right places. The most useful one of all sits on the waist strap. It’s just the right size for a phone, a packet of tissues or anything else you might need easy access to.

The fact that it’s not ugly!

Isn’t it nice to see a hiking backpack that’s a little bit fun to look at? It shouldn’t matter… but it kind of does. And even if it doesn’t matter to you, there’s no harm in having a backpack that looks nice, too. Am I right?

Other things to consider when choosing a hiking backpack

Hiking backpacks aren’t cheap, but a good one will last for years. If you want yours to stand the test of time, it’s important to be honest with yourself about what you really need from a backpack.

Will you be using it just for hiking or do you want to travel with it too? Will you want to take it on over night trips? Camping? Abroad? What weather conditions will you be using it in?

A good hiking backpack is always worth the money, so these are all things you want to be sure of before you part with your pennies. I cannot recommend the Berghaus Freeflow for women enough, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be the right bag for you.