Croatia is where a land of two faces, where old meets new.

You might travel to Croatia for its cobbled streets, medieval castles and endless list of endearing traditions.

But, when you return, it will likely be for more of the hip coffee culture, modern art and alternative music scene.

Streets of Dubrovnik

Why visit Croatia:

It’s pretty easy to find something to fill your memories with in Croatia.

Whatever your interests – from music and art to nature and outdoor sports – Croatia has a little bit of everything. And, most remarkably of all, it does everything incredibly well.

Far from spreading itself thin, Croatia offers the perfect blend of everything you could want in a destination: action, relaxation, unique experiences and real life history lessons.

Croatia is also one of those rare countries where its cities and nature come with equal levels of appeal. From the old cobbled streets of Dubrovnik and the quaint towns like Zadar, to the vivid blue lakes and see-it-to-believe-it coastline views, Croatia is an incredibly diverse country nestled on the Mediterranean coast.

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