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The new Croatia digital nomad visa is establishing the European country as a digital nomad hotspot. Here’s what to expect – and how the Marvie Hotel & Health is helping digital nomads in Croatia enjoy a first-class experience for less.

The last year may have brought the entire world to a halt, but that doesn’t mean digital nomadism is over. Far from it, more people than ever are working remotely – and realising they could be working from anywhere in the world.

Some destinations are already popular digital nomad hotspots… yes, I’m looking at your Medellin, Chiang Mai and Bali! But, while they’re the obvious choices, they’re certainly not the only ones.

With more and more people working online, some smart destinations are gearing up to welcome digital nomads. And, of all the emerging digital nomad hotspots out there, Croatia is the one that’s impossible to ignore.

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Croatia for digital nomads

While every digital nomad travels for different reasons, there are certain qualities that almost all digital nomad destinations have in common.

Climate, quality of life, fast wifi and travel opportunities are all tops of most nomads’ priorities – and Croatia has them all. It also has a rapidly growing vegan food scene and some of the most underrated destinations in Europe, including countless ecotourism spots.

Croatia’s Mediterranean location means this compact country boasts some of the most impressive coastline in all of Europe. It’s why I think a Croatia road trip should be on every traveller’s bucket list, digital nomad or not!

Aside from the obvious almost-year-round sunshine and stunning coast, though, Croatia is bursting with offbeat places to explore. Best of all, nothing is ever a long drive away.

Plus, if you do feel like venturing further afield, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Italy are all within a day’s drive.

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Croatia’s digital nomad visa

Even though digital nomads flock to all corners of the globe, Europe has always been somewhat lacking.

I’m assuming that’s mainly down to the fact that citizens from most countries can only stay in the Schengen zone for 90 days at a time.

That’s why Croatia’s new digital nomad visa is such an exciting development for nomads everywhere – and why it’s sending Croatia to the top of many nomads’ bucket lists.

At the beginning of 2021, the country announced its new long-stay visa to welcome digital nomads to Croatia.

According to the legislation introduced in December 2020, anyone from outside the EU working as a remote employee or for their own foreign-registered company can apply for a one-year residence permit on arrival.

When living in Croatia as a digital nomad, anyone of the long-stay visa is exempt from income tax.

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Marvie Hotel & Health for digital nomads in Croatia
Marvie Hotel & Health in Split, Croatia.

The Croatia digital nomad visa requirements

In order to apply for a temporary residence permit in Croatia – or the “Croatia digital nomad visa”, as it’s more commonly called – you can simply apply online.

If you usually need a visa to travel to Croatia, you will still need to apply for this, too. In this case, you can apply for the long-stay temporary residence permit at a Croatian embassy or consulate.

If you don’t usually need a visa to enter Croatia, you can go ahead and apply for the permit online. Alternatively, you can apply at your nearest police station in Croatia or a Croatian embassy/consulate abroad.

If you apply after arriving in Croatia, you may be able to stay for up to 15 months (3 months as a tourist plus 12 months on the temporary residence permit)!

Click here to check if you need visa.

Aside from the application form, there are a few other requirements for applying for Croatia’s digital nomad visa. You’ll need:

  • proof that you are a digital nomad
  • a copy of your passport/valid travel document
  • a government-issued background check from your home country
  • marriage certificate, if applicable
  • proof of travel insurance or health insurance (if you don’t have it already, check out my guide to the best health insurance for digital nomads!)
  • proof of sufficient funds
  • a Croatian address


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Marvie Hotel & Health’s Long Stay Offer

Marvie Hotel & Health is a modern hotel in Split that’s leading the way in digital nomad offerings.

Digital nomads in Croatia can now enjoy Marvie’s long stay offer, which allows remote workers to enjoy the luxury of living and working in a spa hotel for a surprisingly low price.

With a dedicated co-working space, staying at Marvie is co-living taken to the next level.

Book into one of Marvie’s deluxe rooms and enjoy sea views, fast 200 Mbps internet and a dynamic co-working space. When you switch off, you’ll also have unlimited access to the hotel’s rooftop pool, gym and wellness zone.

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Marvie Hotel & Health for digital nomads in Split Croatia
Marvie Hotel & Health in Split, Croatia.

Split for digital nomads

If a luxury spa, speedy wifi and ultra-modern rooms weren’t enough to entice you, it just so happens that Marvie is situated right in the centre of my favourite Croatian city: Split.

I fell in love with Split long before I was blogging full-time and living nomadically. As a long-term digital nomad, I only love it even more.

Split is the perfect combination: part historical city, part lively social scene, and part dreamy beaches. Seriously, what more could you want?

Throw in the city’s central location, amazing restaurant scene and impressive wifi speeds, and it’s a wonder it’s not already one of the top digital nomad destinations.

Now, with the Croatia digital nomad visa and Marvie’s long-stay offer for remote workers, I’m sure it won’t be a well-kept secret for long.

Croatia digital nomad visa at the Marvie Hotel & Health
Marvie Hotel & Health in Split, Croatia.

Cost of living in Croatia for digital nomads

A little luxury and a lot of attractive features are all well and good, but how much is it going to cost you to enjoy living as a digital nomad in Croatia?

Well, given that the accommodation in Zagreb is some of the cheapest of any European capital, it probably won’t surprise you that the cost of living in Croatia is probably a lot less than you think!

At 1428 Euro per 28-day period, Marvie’s long-stay offer includes your room, wifi, co-working and unlimited gym access. With all of the essentials taken care of, that only really leaves food, socialising and travel to account for.

Eating out in Split is surprisingly affordable, especially compared to the cost of eating out in other major cities. It’s not uncommon to enjoy a meal for around 40 Kuna (just over 5 Euros) but even a fancier meal will likely be no more than 80 Kuna.

If you buy most of your food at the grocery store and eat out a couple of times per week, you can expect to pay around 400 Kuna (about 52 Euros) per month at the grocery store.

Things to do in Split for digital nomads

Croatia is one of my favourite European destinations for good reasons – there’s just so much to do! Not only that, but much of the country still feels relatively untouched. And who doesn’t love discovering something new?

In addition to the well-known cities, such as Dubrovnik and Zagreb, Croatia is bursting with tiny towns and epic views of all kinds.

Split is one of the best places you can base yourself in Croatia – especially if you’re taking advantage of Croatia’s digital nomad visa.

There’s no shortage of things to do in and around Split, and there’s even more to explore if you venture further afield. Hiring a car is the best way to explore Croatia, especially if you want to visit some of the smaller towns and more remote areas.

Planning to visit Croatia as a digital nomad? Marvie’s long term stay offer is available to book now. Click here to book your room while available.