My trip to Slovenia was hosted by Big Berry, but all content and opinions are mine.

A few weeks ago I shared a post about some of Europe’s most underrated destinations and now I’ve found another one to add to the list.

Big Berry glamping in Slovenia is far from the tracks of most tourists in Europe. In fact, it’s far from most non-tourists, too!

Hidden away along the Kolpa River – the natural border between Slovenia and Croatia – Big Berry is a glamping resort with a difference.

More than just an upgraded campground, it’s a lifestyle resort that offers both an escape from the world and a taste of local life.

A true secret escape… for now, at least.

Kolpa River Slovenia glamping resort

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Kolpa River Slovenia

Slovenia itself is still relatively unknown.

And if you are familiar with Slovenia, it’s most likely with the dreamy Lake Bled or the quaint capital of Ljubljana. Very few people would associate Slovenia with glamping!

But venture towards the Croatian border and you’ll see why Slovenia makes such a great glamping destination.

Slovenia’s modest population means that, despite the country’s small size, there’s plenty of space for everyone. So much space, in fact, that it’s super easy to retreat into nature and get away from it all.

And the Kolpa River is the perfect place to do so.

The warmest river in Slovenia, the Kolpa River is calm enough to enjoy a range of water-based activities.

From fishing and canoeing, to swimming and just sitting back and enjoying its soothing presence, it’s a great spot to feel the ‘luxury of freedom’ that Big Berry advocates.


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Big Berry lifestyle resort and glamping in Slovenia

So what is Big Berry?

Big Berry is a brand for the modern traveller. Its mission: to create something unique where everybody can find something for themself.

At a base level, Big Berry is a glamping experience for those who love both luxury and nature. It’s the escape from the modern world that so many of use need and crave.

And it comes with a touch of luxury that makes it easy to relax.

At a deeper level, Big Berry is a concept. A living experience powered by its local community partners, a stay at Big Berry will surround you with local produce and the people behind them.

With sustainable travel at the core of everything Big Berry does, it’s a brilliant ambassador for a slower pace of living.

And at it’s heart, Big Berry is kind of like a family. When you’re there, you’re one of the community, part of Big Berry.

If it’s the chef’s birthday, you can be sure you’ll be invited to an indulgent BBQ and all-day singing and dancing to celebrate.

Yet you still feel like you have your own little retreat. And that’s what makes Big Berry so unique.

Big Berry’s lifestyle resort

With plans to expand across the world, Big Berry is more than just a glamping resort.

But the resort is a great place to immerse yourself in everything the Big Berry brand represents.

Entrepreneurship plays a massive role at Big Berry – something that resonates with me as a digital nomad.

As well as supporting local businesses, Big Berry has a team of entrepreneurial minds behind everything it does.

From the local artists who put their unique stamp on the Big Berry houses, to the in-house team of photographers and creatives, Big Berry is a collaborative effort that celebrates the work of both local and international entrepreneurs.

And when you combine those amazing people and initiatives with the beautiful nature of the Kolpa River resort, it’s hard not to be inspired yourself.

Big Berry Slovenia luxury living

What to expect from a stay at Big Berry

Big Berry in unlike nowhere else I’ve been and will be unlike anywhere you’re likely to ever go. Even if you’ve been glamping before, Big Berry promises a truly unique experience.

It’s so different to anything else out there right now, that it’s almost impossible to put into words.

But if you like the idea of being a welcome guest in a local community – rather than another person flowing through the typical tourist route – it will be a really special experience.

Some (more tangible) things you can expect from a stay at the Kolpa River resort are a warm welcome from smiling faces that feel like they could be long lost friends.

A fresh basket of local produce delivered straight to your door every morning.

Beautiful sunrises (if you’re awake early enough) and sunsets you can enjoy from the comfort of your personal hot tub. And a sample of some of Slovenia’s finest produce.

Slovenia glamping at Big Berry

Getting to Big Berry

Even though Big Berry’s Kolpa resort feels far away from the worries of day to day life, it’s fairly easy to get to.

A 1.5-hour drive from both Ljubljana and Zagreb, you have double the options when it comes to booking flights.

Or, if you want to explore some of the other beautiful places in Slovenia, you could easily tag it onto a longer Slovenia itinerary.

When to go

As amazing an experience as it is, glamping in Slovenia is definitely going to be a summer trip.

Even though the weather is pretty perfect in the summer, the area can be hit by heavy snow and winds come winter.

Big Berry is open from April until October, and rooms start from £119 per night.

Every booking includes a fresh breakfast of locally produced treats such as yogurt, honey, breads and more, as well as all the essentials such as coffee and tea.

The mobile houses sleep between two and six people, so it’s great for couples, families or even solo travellers.

Click here to check prices and availability

Slovenia may not be a popular glamping destination (yet) but it has plenty to offer a luxury-loving camper.

The beautiful landscapes surrounding the Kolpa River make the perfect peaceful backdrop to your temporary home, meaning you can completely unwind in nature.

Big Berry’s houses provide everything you need for a comfortable stay, as well as giving back to the local community.

Big Berry has already opened resorts in Romania and Austria, and has plans to expand across the world. It may be a hidden secret for now, but I think we can expect BIG things from Big Berry.

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