Not everybody who visits Japan falls in love, but there’s a very good chance you’ll leave besotted.

It’s not hard to see why – Japan is an experience for all of the senses and will leave you with the kind of memories that you can’t make elsewhere.

A country of contrasts, your Japan travels will be full of innovative technology and ancient traditions, peaceful cities and sensory overload, shy interactions and breaking down inhibitions.

Japanese Snow Monkey in Jigokudani Monkey Park

Why visit Japan:

Japan is simply captivating – and there’s much more to it than sushi, karaoke and sumo wrestling.

There’s nowhere quite like Japan, which is why every traveller should experience this fascinating country at least once. Here are all my Japan travel blogs to help you do just that.

Japan is a country of contrasts, where chaos meets calm, neon meets navy and tradition meets innovation. Visiting Japan is like stepping into another world – another universe, even – and it’s over-whelming and all-consuming. Most of all, it’s addictive.

Some of my Japan highlights include eating sushi from a sushi train, visiting the robot show in Tokyo, hopping on the high-speed bullet train (or Shinkansen) for the first time, seeing the snow monkeys in hot springs, learning how to onsen in the human hot springs, seeing the snowy mountains of Hokkaido in winter and SO much more.

Whatever you plan to do in Japan, and however much time you choose to spend in Japan, I hope you will fall as much in love as I did. Japan is a special place. And I hope that your first trip to Japan won’t be your last.

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