If Montenegro isn’t yet on your radar, that might just be about to change.

Still one of Europe’s lesser known destinations, it’s probably best that it stays that way.

Montenegro would no doubt be flooded with tourists if more people knew about and just how beautiful it is. 

If you’re familiar with anywhere in Montenegro, there’s a good chance it’s Kotor. The picturesque town is a popular stop for European cruises and Balkans backpackers.

But, as this post proves, there are plenty more beautiful places in Montenegro. 

If you’ve never been to Montenegro, prepare to start looking up flights.

And if you’ve been to Montenegro, you’ll likely find some new spots to have you booking a return ticket ASAP. 

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Kotor restaurants


Kotor’s Old Town is one of the most popular spots in Montenegro for good reason. (It’s also a great starting point for a Montenegro roadtrip!)

Not only does Kotor look like a fairytale village, but it sits against a beautiful mountain backdrop. 

With the expansive Bay of Kotor on one side and a medieval castle on the other, it really is the kind of place that dreams (and Disney movies) are made of.

The steep but rewarding walk up to San Giovanni Fortress is pretty much a rite of passage when visiting Kotor.

The fortress itself is reason enough to brave the 280 metre high climb, but the views you get at the top will be the cherry on top. If you want to avoid the heat and the crowds, hike up early and watch the sun rise over the bay.

From the fortress, Kotor looks like a model village. But don’t be deceived by Kotor’s small size – you can easily lose yourself in its cobbled streets and alleyways for days.

Just when you think you’ve explored everything, you’ll find yourself in an unfamiliar yet equally pretty area.

Herceg Novi in Montenegro

Herceg Novi

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful places in not only Montenegro but in all of Europe, then look no further than Herceg Novi.

This is a quaint coastal town that lies at the top of the Bay of Kotor and is surrounded by rolling hills and vivid blue waters. The scenery, atmosphere, and history of this small town combine perfectly to create a place like no other.

What makes Herceg Novi so special is that it is not a touristy city. Therefore, it has remained authentic and untouched by touristic crowds (like many other cities in Montenegro).

As a result, exploring and experiencing the city is enjoyable and provides you with a true Montenegrin experience.

Plus, there are many unique things to do in Herceg Novi such as hiking the two fortresses, exploring the old town, admiring the city from the pier, and much more!

This is a city in Montenegro whose beauty and charm will move you.

Recommended by Samantha, Sam Sees World.

Sveti Stefan Island in Montenegro

Sveti Stefan

10km south of Budva and visible from the road, you can see the island of Sveti Stefan.

Also known as the pearl of the Adriatic and one of the highlights of the Balkan countries, It has been used in recent decades to promote tourism in Montenegro.

If you want to know and visit the island thoroughly, you must be a guest of the luxury complex.

Since Yugoslav President Tito visited in the 60s, there have been many celebrities who have been seen on their beaches. Kings, singers, actors, politicians, models and other glamorous people have spent a few days or weeks on Sveti Stefan.

The island is formed by an isthmus of sand and the back road that allows access to it.

Today it has impressive wellness and relaxation facilities, a yacht harbour, a helipad, and three beautiful pink sand beaches.

Spending a night in one of the simplest – and cheapest! – rooms costs around € 1,000. This fortified city isn’t far from being a kind of Disneyland, dating from the fifteenth century.

In the background, it is simply a charming coastal retreat with cobbled streets, shaded patios and approximately 600-year-old red-tiled roofs. There’s also a private pink sand beach that has been practically restored by hand.

Recommended by Inma, A World To Travel.


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Budva Montenegro


When travelling Montenegro, I recommend visiting the stunning town of Budva. It is located on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and the area is also known as Budva Riviera.

As Budva is more than 2,500 years old, the city itself is famous for its well-preserved defensive medieval walls and stunning Old Town.

Beyond these, tourists have the pleasure to visit the sandy beaches and experience its dynamic and diverse nightlife. Even though the Old Town is stunning, it was completely devastated by a catastrophic earthquake back in 1979.

Luckily, the Old Town of Budva was rebuilt sine then to its prior glory.

In Budva, I recommend staying at the Hotel Splendid, which definitely lives up to its name!

As for food, I suggest stopping by Casa Mia or the Dukley Beach Lounge. Definitely indulge on the seafood while you are there! 

Learn more about the city of Budva and Montenegro here.

Recommended by Michelle, Greedy Gourmet.

Komovi Mountains in Montenegro

The Komovi Mountains

If you enjoy mountains and hiking, you’ll absolutely love the Komovi Mountains in Montenegro.

Located in the West of the country near the Albanian border, this mountain range features idyllic meadows and ominous barren peaks.

There are marked hiking trails throughout the whole Komovi mountains. If you like summiting peaks, there are 5 peaks above 2,000 metres you can choose from.

The Kom Vasojevički (2461m) is quite popular, meaning you might meet a person or two on your way. It definitely doesn’t get crowded and I can highly recommend this hike.

Hiking across Stavna Plateau and further up, the trek gets tougher towards the top.

Still, it’s a lovely one and takes about 6 hours if you hike from just below the Stavna Plateau. The time includes breaks including a lunch one. 

One of the nice accommodation options in the area, and one that’s also a pioneer in ecotourism accommodation, is Eko Katun Štavna.

The campsite and a few small cottages have an adjacent restaurant with delicious local meals.

Recommended by Veronika, Travel Geekery.

Tara Canyon in Montenegro

Tara Canyon

Whilst exploring one of the best Balkan countries, Montenegro, make sure you make a stop at Tara River Canyon.

Here, you can enjoy the view and participate in one of the adventure activities it offers.

The Tara Canyon is home to the longest canyon in Europe and second-largest in the world, the Grand Canyon is the first! 

There is an abundance of things to do while you’re there. If you’re not into adventure activities, head to the Đurđevića Tara Bridge and enjoy the view from above.

If you do want to get the heart pumping, you can even take a zipline through the canyon.

The ultimate best way to enjoy the canyon, however, is to go rafting. This is the most popular adventure activity in all of Montenegro.

You can do a bunch of different tours ranging from day trips to 4 day excursions that include rafting and some hiking too.

Recommended by Anita, Travelling Balkans.

Queen's Beach in Montenegro

Queen’s Beach

There are some really amazing beaches in Montenegro to get your fix of sand and sea, but the best one is probably Queen’s Beach.

Why? It is hands down the most exclusive and private beach in the country as it is officially the only private beach.

When visiting the beaches in Montenegro you either have to pay for a lounger or sit with the rest of the crowd, but Queen’s beach is only available to guests at Sveti Stefan.

Relaxing in the small bay surrounded by cypress and olive trees, cliffs and Aman Sveti Stefan’s spa at the back, makes it feel like you’re a celebrity or royalty.

The small beach is only accessible through a fence and you will need your room key card to open it.

For additional privacy, the boats that whizz past aren’t actually allowed in the bay so that you are far away from prying eyes.

No doubt, Sveti Stefan should be your top and only choice if you wish to visit this beach fit for kings and queens.

Recommended by Mar, Once in a Lifetime Journey.

ulcinj montenegro


If you’re looking for a spot to soak up the sun and check out beautiful nature, Ulcinj might be for you.

This small town is located right on the coast, just north of the border with Albania.

While most of Montenegro’s beaches are rocky, Ulcinj benefits from having sandy ones – and having the longest sand beach in the whole country!

There’s a fortified old town high atop a cliff near the main beach where you’ll find many bars, restaurants and accommodation.

Head up there to catch the sunset over the Mediterranean. For dinner, stop by at The Fisherman Hari.

The owner heads out each day and cooks his fresh catch that evening for you!

If you’re looking to try any local goods, olive oil is important to Ulcinj.

Due to old local lore, there is an area with thousands of olive trees that you can hike to easily from the town centre.

Speaking of nature, another must-do in Ulcinj is to wander through the Salinas – or Salt Flats.

This massive protected area is great for exploring – and one of the only places in Europe where you can see wild flamingos!

Recommended by Eric and Lisa, Penguin and Pia.

Stari Bar in Montenegro

Stari Bar

Stari Bar (Old Bar) is the historic part of Montenegro’s southern coastal city of Bar. Far from the bustle of the Bay of Kotor, it’s one of the most idyllic places to visit in the country.

Its location atop Londsa hill affords Stari Bar a combination of beautiful mountain views and fresh coastal breezes.

The settlement dates back to the Early Middle Ages, when the area was part of the Byzantine Empire.

Old Bar was briefly ruled over by Venice and later by Hungary before it finally fell to the Ottomans. Each civilisation left its stamp – most notably in additions made to Stari Grad Bar, the fortress citadel.

After a series of misfortunes, Stari Bar was abandoned in the 1980s and most residents moved to the new city.

Since then, a slow trickle of restoration works at Old Bar has transformed the citadel into a tourist attraction.

The walled complex consists of stone houses, cobbled streets, and the remains of various churches and mosques.

From the back, you can get a good look at Old Bar’s crowning glory ­– the Bar Aqueduct.

Partially destroyed in an earthquake in 1979, the Ottoman-era structure is the only remaining aqueduct in Montenegro.

A new main street lined with bars, restaurants and shops selling olive oil harvested from nearby groves has given Old Bar new life.

It’s a great place to break for lunch after wandering the citadel. My favourite place to eat is Restaurant Kaldrma, which serves Montenegrin fare made with local produce.

Montenegro is an epic place for a Balkans road trip. But to reach Bar, I highly recommend you take the train from Podgorica.

The final leg of the stunning Belgrade to Bar line delivers passengers over Lake Skadar to the coast, terminating in Bar. It’s a quick taxi ride or an hour’s walk through the hills to reach Stari Bar from the train station.

Recommended by Emily, Wander-Lush.

Durmitor National Park and Black Lake in Montenegro

Durmitor National Park

The coast of Montenegro is beautiful, but so is the rest of the country. Montenegro is called the Black Mountain for a reason – and a good part of that reason is Durmitor National Park, located in the North of the country.

Go there for a hike, walk or even a ski trip in winter to explore the fragrant pine forests and amazing views.

To get to Durmitor National Park, follow the road to the town of Zabljak. You can reach both by car or by public transport from Kotor, Budva or Podgorica.

This will be the start of many hiking trails in the park.

The absolute must-see in Durmitor National Park is the Black Lake, called Crno Jezero in Montenegrin. It is a 50 metre deep glacial lake, located at  a height of almost 1.5 km.

It is actually not black at all, but emerald green in colour. You will have to walk some 3km from Zabljak to reach it, but it is a very nice walk.

On arrival, take a 3.5km long scenic path all the way around the lake to admire the views.

Keep in mind (especially if you go to Montenegro off-season) that although it can be warm on the coasts, it might be cold up in the mountains. So, pack some layers and warmer clothes.

Recommended by Ana, Merry-Go-Round. Slowly.

Biogradska Gora National Park in Montenegro

Biogradska Gora National Park

There aren’t many spots in Europe where the forests have been left untouched.

But one of the few places where you’ll find virgin forest is in the Biogradska Gora National Park in Montenegro. Many of the trees are at least 500 years old.

Biogradska Gora National Park is in the north of the country, in the mountainous region near the border with Serbia, and it’s these mountains that make it such a beautiful place to visit.

It’s a popular destination for hiking and biking – paths cut across the park to its glacial lake, peaks, and camping areas. But there are also roads for jeeps to drive along, and there are some spots for boating as well.

The highlight is Biogradska Lake, the largest in the park and the centre of much of the activity. There is a camping area, some accommodation huts, and a restaurant. It’s a beautiful spot to have a rest on a day trip or to spend the night.

The alternative for accommodation is the nearby town of Kolasin.

But, if you’re using public transport, you’ll need to walk for about an hour between Biogradska Lake and the highway where the bus passes.

Recommended by Michael, Time Travel Turtle.

Risan Montenegro


One of my favorite places in Montenegro is the small beach town of Risan.

Located about thirty minutes from Kotor, it’s an easy way to enjoy a sleepy beach village when you want to escape Kotor’s crowds.

Highlights here include playing on the shore and watching the sailboats pass by.

You can also visit the nearby ancient Roman Mosaics that date back to the time when the area was an important crossroads in the Eastern Roman Empire.

If you stay in Risan, stay at Lorena Rooms, a sweet owner-operated guest house just a short walk from the water. The rooms are cosy and priced well for the area.

Make sure to eat lunch or dinner right on the water at Hipnos Restaurant. It’s a great way to relax and unwind after a long day of site seeing or in the middle of a day at the beach!

Recommended by Stephanie, Sofia Adventures.

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