It’s easy to forget that some of the coolest travel destinations may be on our doorstep, and I certainly did that with the UK.

Despite growing up in the UK and spending a large portion of my life there, I never really saw how many incredible travel opportunities it has.

It’s only as I’ve gotten older – and spent less time in the UK – that I’ve begun to appreciate how varied and interesting my home country is.

Knockburn Loch Kayaking Aberdeenshire Scotland

Why visit the UK:

Despite its small land mass, you need some time to really explore the United Kingdom.

That’s because there’s simply so much packed into the tiny space it occupies, and every region has something unique to offer. Whether it’s surfing in Cornwall, hiking in Wales, enjoying afternoon tea in London or embarking on an epic road trip in Scotland, the UK is full of epic mini adventures.

London is a busy, buzzing international city, and you could spend a lifetime exploring the capital alone. Beyond the Big Smoke, though, you’ll find desolate islands and endless mountains in the Scottish Highlands, sandy beaches in the South West of England, and no shortage of arty wonders in cities such as Bristol, Manchester and Belfast.

Whatever your usual travel style, try to do a little bit of everything in the UK: city, countryside and mountains. It’s the only way to really appreciate just how much we have to offer.

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