Looking for a quirky place to stay in London? Look no further than CitizenM London Shoreditch.

Even though I used to live in London, I absolutely loved staying in its many, many hotels. Now, going back to London is a real treat – and there’s one hotel I always check into when I can: CitizenM London Shoreditch.

London’s hotel scene is wonderfully eclectic. Each hotel in London has its own personality, like a microcosm within the city. Plus, London’s so big and full of surprises that it makes it’s the perfect UK break.

I guess I’m also kind of nosy (okay, make that very nosy) and most of London’s hotels seem like they were designed with us nosy people in mind. Each one is different, even if it’s part of a chain or group of hotels, with its own little quirks and secrets.

But one that really stands out for me is CitizenM. Without doubt my favourite London hotel, CitizenM has a lot going for it – and its Shoreditch hotel is my favourite of all three.

Here’s why CitizenM London Shoreditch should be top of your list on your next trip to London!

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Best place to stay in London CitizenM London Shoreditch

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CitizenM hotels in London

CitizenM is the perfect epitome of London’s hotel scene. They have 3 London hotels in total – including the flagship Tower of London hotel and the newest addition in Shoreditch.

It’s perfectly located for exploring East London’s foodie scenes and graffiti-ed streets, offering a luxury boutique stay at an affordable price.

If you don’t know which one to choose, this guide to where to stay in London should help.

I’ve visited all three of the three CitizenM London hotels and love them all! Despite the familiar CitizenM branding – bright primary colours, quirky styling and fun art – each has its own character.

The first thing you notice when you walk into any CitizenM hotel is the technology-led set-up – and the lack of staff. It sounds unusual, but it’s super convenient. 

If your least favourite thing about staying in a hotel is the lengthy queues at the reception desk, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s no check-in desk at CitizenM.

You simply tap your name or email address into the touch screens that greet you to check in. Once you do, your room card will be made up for you there and then.

And don’t worry – there’s someone on hand if you need any help!


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Citizen M boutique hotel London Shoreditch

Staying at CitizenM Shoreditch

When I checked into the Shoreditch location for the first time, I was given a choice of which floor I’d like to stay on.

Naturally, I chose a high room with amazing views of London!

CitizenM Shoreditch is just a short walk from the busy Liverpool station. This central location makes it the perfect base for exploring many of the best things to see and do in London.

Whether you prefer to see the famous sights, check out the London theatre scene or explore the non-touristy side of London, CitizenM Shoreditch provides easy access to most of London.

Liverpool Street is on both the Central and Circle lines, making it easy to get around like a local.

Citizen M boutique hotel London Shoreditch

Once you arrive in your room at CitizenM Shoreditch, an iPad awaits. This is where you control everything, and it’s ready to put on your favourite movie or set the lights to just the right brightness.

There are loads of movies to choose from (hello, Bridget Jones’s Baby) and everything else you could need.

A mini bar, wardrobe with built-in safe, pod-style bathroom with rain shower, a desk and chair, and two shower gels – one for evening and one for morning – are all standard.

No, I never thought of having separate morning and evening shower gels either…

The rooms at CitizenM Shoreditch, like the other CitizenM London hotels, are modern and clean without feeling clinical.

Their fun edge is probably down to the bold cushions and cute touches (like the “welcome Citizen Jodie” message waiting on the TV screen when we arrived).

The only disappointing thing was the lack of lock on the bathroom door. There isn’t a load of privacy if you’re sharing the room, but there is a curtain you can draw across the middle of the room if you want more.

Citizen M boutique hotel London Shoreditch
Not your traditional check-in desk.

3 reasons to check-in to a CitizenM London Shoreditch

Even though London’s vibrant hotel scene is one of its best qualities, sometimes it can make the choice of where to stay a little overwhelming!

Aside from the fun decor, quirky messages on everything from the hairdryer bag to the cushion covers, and the amazing locations of CitizenM’s three locations, here are 3 more reasons to consider staying there:

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1 – The CitizenM beds are ginormous 

Seriously, I don’t know if a bigger bed exists. On the CitizenM website, the beds are described as “XL” but that should be more like XXXXL.

The beds at CitizenM Shoreditch stretch from wall-to-wall, with a full-width window from one side to the other.

If you wanted to, you could easily fit 4-5 people across the bed. T

hey’re the kind of beds you wished you had when you were young. Perfect for gossiping and munching on ‘midnight snacks all night at your bestie’s sleepover.

Citizen M boutique hotel London Shoreditch
Citizen M boutique hotel London Shoreditch

2 – The CitizenM breakfast is one of the best 

Yes, it’s always about food with me! And, since breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, I always go in with high hopes and expectations.

CitizenM London Shoreditch did not disappoint in the slightest when it came to breakfast. It has the widest variety of breakfast options I’ve ever seen (no exaggeration!).

From a full English to pastries, to fresh fruit and a fridge full of every juice and health drink imaginable, there’s not much you can’t have for breakfast at CitizenM.

It was heaven – I just wish we’d gotten up an hour earlier to enjoy it more!

3 – Everyone is welcome at CitizenM

CitizenM is a hotel for everyone. Walking into the breakfast area in the morning, groups of young European tourists sat next to solo business travellers.

And they sat next to couples who looked like they could own a house in Shoreditch.

It seems everyone feels welcome at CitizenM London Shoreditch – and I like that a lot.

Unlike other hotels that are aimed at a particular type of resident, CitizenM has done an incredible job of appealing to pretty much everyone.

Somehow, though, CitizenM still manages to make your stay feel really personal. It’s a really unusual quality in a hotel, but one that makes the stay even more special.

Other CitizenM hotels

A global chain, the London CitizenM hotels aren’t the only ones.

If you aren’t planning to travel to the UK, they also have hotels in many other cities. 

CitizenM’s international hotels include Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Amsterdam and New York, among others.

And if you are venturing further afield in the UK, they also now have one in Glasgow too.

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