My stay at Caravan was provided on a complimentary basis by Travel Portland. All views are 100% my own and 100% honest.

Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel is one of the most unique hotels in Portland, OR.

Every bit as quirky as its name, it may well be one of the most unique hotels in the entire world. 

But there’s also more than meets the eye. 

More than just a hotel, Caravan represents a movement that’s sweeping over Oregon and the entire world: the tiny house movement. 

Championing the transition to smaller living, Caravan is leading Portland’s move to sustainable living. And, given Portland’s seriously impressive eco credentials, there’s nowhere better for a tiny house hotel to exist.

If you go down to Portland today… you absolutely can’t miss Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel. Whether you’re curious about the tiny home movement or simply looking for a unique place to stay, here’s why Caravan should be top of your list.

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The Tiny House Hotel in Portland OR United states

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15 reasons to stay in Portland’s Tiny House Hotel  

Confession time: the Tiny House Hotel was one of the main reasons why I wanted to visit Portland. Portland was already on my radar for a number of other reasons, but it was Caravan that sealed the deal. 

I mean, who could resist these adorable homes on wheels! I sure couldn’t. 

Caravan – the Tiny House Hotel was what convinced me to go to Oregon on my west coast road trip and it was a highlight of my long weekend in Portland

I would even go as far as saying it was one of my favourite travel experiences in the United States

If the idea of staying in a tiny house isn’t enough to have you booking a trip to Portland, here are fifteen more reasons why Caravan is a hotel worth travelling for.

1 – It will open your eyes

Caravan will open your eyes in so many ways.

On a literal level, you’ll love exploring the clever nooks and crannies and unique reading material inside each of the tiny homes. The detail that has gone into each and every home is truly a feast for the eyes.

On a figurative level, Caravan will make you see what matters most.

Living in a tiny house – even temporarily – makes you reconsider everything about how you live. From the possessions you own to the way you use the space around you, this Tiny House Hotel is a big eye-opener for anyone who stays here. 

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2 – It’s super cosy

Rather than feeling cramped, the tiny houses at Caravan feel cosy. Whether it’s pouring with rain or sunny outside, these tiny homes are nothing but inviting.

One thing’s for sure: I never felt claustrophobic or squeezed inside our tiny house for two. I put it down to the high ceilings, numerous windows and clever use of space throughout – a great example of how human comfort comes from good design, rather than quantity.

A woman working on a laptop inside a tiny home in Portland, Oregon
The all-in-one office, kitchen table and worktop doesn’t feel cramped.

3 – You’ll be inspired 

It’s simply impossible not to be inspired when you step into one of the tiny homes at Caravan. Creativity is everywhere – from the multi-functional furniture to the cohesive theme flowing through every home. 

The cute curtain ties, carefully coordinated book selection and cleverly placed hooks got my mind buzzing and made me feel energised every time I looked at them. 

4 – Caravan is an environmentally friendly hotel

One of the main reasons I wanted to stay at Caravan – aside from the fact that tiny homes are super cool, of course! – was because it’s a hotel that takes sustainability seriously.

The owners have put thought into every part of the homes to make sure they boast maximum green credentials. The tap water is potable, there are recycling bins in every home and recycled materials have been used for almost everything. 

Staying at caravan really makes you think about the small tweaks you can make to live better. 


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5 – The location is awesome

The Tiny House Hotel is right in the middle of the Alberta Arts district, Portland’s most creative neighbourhood. 

Step outside and you’ll be surrounded by vegan brunch spots, unique coffee shops and innovative local businesses. 

While Caravan would be an awesome place to stay no matter what, the location is definitely a bonus!

6 – There’s a sense of community

Portland as a whole exudes an amazing sense of community – and that sentiment is mirrored at Caravan. 

A lot of this comes down to the fact that the tiny homes at Caravan sit around a central fire pit. Not only does this make for an even cosier vibe, but it also encourages connection and interaction.

After staying at Caravan, I can certainly see the appeal of joining the wider tiny home community!

Toasting s'mores over a campfire outside tiny houses in Portland Oregon USA
Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel has vegan marshmallows for making s’mores!

7 – Unlimited s’mores!

No campfire would be complete without s’mores, and the ones at Caravan are unlimited. And yes, the marshmallows are vegan. Simply help yourself at any time.

8 – You can still get room service 

Although each tiny home comes with everything you need to whip up a feast for four, you don’t have to cook. The restaurant across the road, Radio Room, delivers “room service” until 2AM every day. 

We ate there twice during our time in Portland because the food was SO good. If you love mac and cheese, this is the place to eat!

A bedside table and alarm clock inside the tiny house hotel in Portland OR USA
A tiny home doesn’t mean compromising on non-essentials. The houses at Caravan have bedside tables, trinket storage and alarm clocks that play soothing nature sounds.

9 – You’ll have everything you need 

As a digital nomad, I’m used to living with nothing but the essentials. I’m also pretty skilled at squeezing my entire life in to a 23kg suitcase

But Caravan put me to shame. Each tiny home packs in everything you could possibly need to live comfortably – and there’s enough for four people to live there. 

You’ll find cooking equipment, a fridge, a spacious and powerful shower, bedding for four and even wine glasses. I really can’t think of anything that’s missing.

10 – Coffee is included 

As well as the essentials, the Tiny House Hotel provides a few not-so-essential home comforts. You won’t have to look far for a caffeine fix because one of those is coffee. 

All of the tea and coffee provided is organic (of course) and there’s even agave nectar if you like your beverages sweet.

Inside the kitchen of a tiny house in Portland USA
Each tiny home comes equipped with everything you need, plus organic tea and coffee

11 – You’ll learn something new

More than just a fun, eco-friendly travel experience, staying at Caravan is a learning experience. 

Whether you pick up one of the many books inside or stop for a chat with the staff, you’re sure to learn a lot during your time there. 

More than anything, though, you’ll learn a lot about yourself and your own living habits and priorities. Caravan will inspire you to question your own lifestyle and the things you think you need, and it’s super refreshing.

12 – Caravan is pet and family friendly 

No one has to get left at home when you check in to the Tiny House Hotel. With each house sleeping up to four guests, there’s plenty of room for the kids. One of the homes even has bunk beds!

One of the tiny houses is also pet friendly, so you can bring your canine family members too.

If you’re not lucky enough to have a dog of your own, keep an eye out for Paco. This cute little Chihuahua sometimes comes along to help with the cleaning!

Books inside a tiny home in Portland Oregon USA
Pick up one of the many books and learn something new.

13 – It’s great value for money

In keeping with the tiny home movement’s philosophy, Caravan offers great value for money. 

Many people across Oregon and the USA have converted to tiny home living to cut costs. Since Caravan’s main mission is to promote the movement, it only makes sense that a stay here will provide exceptional value. 

Prices vary between homes, but each comes with coffee, cooking supplies and an entire house to live in. And don’t forget the s’mores!

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14 – You’ll be giving back to the community 

Caravan employs local builders, features local artwork and supports local businesses. You’ll also find books interviewing the faces behind the project inside the homes themselves.

Staying at Caravan is therefore a great way to learn about – and support – the local community in Portland. I love connecting with the local community wherever I go, and Caravan makes it as easy as can be.

15 – It will be a unique hotel experience 

If nothing else, Caravan promises a completely unique experience. It’s the first hotel of its kind in the whole of the USA – and probably the world. 

A stay at the Tiny House Hotel is one you’ll remember for so many reasons – and one you won’t be able to stop talking about long after you leave Portland!

The desk inside a tiny house in Portland USA

Staying at the Caravan hotel

I have to admit, I had pretty high expectations for Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel. That could have easily ended in nothing but disappointment – but thankfully it didn’t!

Instead, my stay at Caravan somehow exceeded all expectations.

Checking into Caravan

If there’s one part of staying at Caravan that’s stressful, it’s the checking in process. The owners like to meet every guest personally, so you have to arrange a check-in time in advance. 

Since Portland marked the end of a long west coast road trip for us, we had to try and time things perfectly. Somehow, we did! 

And, although I was stressing about getting to Portland on time, I really appreciated the personal welcome when we arrived.

What’s more, the team were more than happy to answer any questions I had (such as, “can I drink the tap water?”) via email. Their responses were prompt, friendly and informative – instead of a simple “yes”, I learned that “there is no fluoride in [the] water and all piping on the property is new”!

Tiny homes in Portland Oregon
The five tiny homes are all completely unique.

Inside the Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon

Every tiny home at Caravan is different – very different, in fact! – so ask if you can take a look at the others. 

That said, all of them have some things in common. Each tiny house at Caravan has a kitchen and dining area, a storage area and a living area with a sofa that doubles as a second bed.

All of them except Skyline (which has a sofa upstairs) also have a mezzanine level for the queen bed. 

The bathrooms are spacious, the kitchen is well-equipped and there are plenty of books about Portland, the tiny house movement and the people behind Caravan. 

My favourite thing of all, though, is that each tiny home has its own theme. The one I stayed in, Pacifica, is a wheelchair-accessible home that nods to the west coast ocean. It’s decorated with blues, turquoises and purples throughout, and has a number of beautiful stained-glass windows. 

Kangablue is the most “traditional” of the tiny houses – perfect if you’re seriously considering converting – while The Amazing Mysterium, designed to model a traditional Vardo wagon, is as quirky as Portland itself.

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How to stay at Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel 

You can book your stay at Caravan – The Tiny House Hotel by clicking here. Just take your pick from five unique tiny homes! All the houses except for Kangablue – which has a single bed and a double bed – sleep up to four people. 

The Amazing Mysterium allows pets, so choose this one if you’re bringing your furry friend along.

If you need a wheelchair-friendly home, Pacfica can be made accessible (and the walk-in shower is massive!) Make sure you give at least 48 hours’ notice so they can set it up for you.

The living area inside a tiny home in Portland Oregon USA

Tiny homes in Oregon

Although Caravan is a fully functioning hotel, its primary goal isn’t to make money (just another reason to love it!). 

More than that, the owners wanted to showcase the tiny house movement and what’s possible. 

Once a month, Caravan opens its doors to public so they can see what a tiny home really looks like. It encourages people to reconsider their lifestyle and the impact it has on the environment, as well as making for a fun day out. 

Tiny houses in Oregon

Although tiny houses are now popping up all over the world, Oregon has one of the biggest tiny home communities. The tiny house community is growing rapidly in Oregon, with many people looking for a more minimalistic, more sustainable way to live.

Now, Caravan is taking the movement one step further and letting tourists enjoy it too. It’s something you might not expect from the USA, a country that’s (rightly or wrongly) known for its obsession supersize, but it’s a brilliant idea and one that’s clearly having an impact. 

And, even though we can’t all move into a tiny home, we can all make a few small adjustments to our living style. If there’s one thing this Tiny House Hotel can promise, it’s that it will spark your imagination and inspire you to live better.

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