Wondering where to eat in Siargao?

Here are some of the best restaurants around the Cloud 9 area.

Before visiting Siargao, I had an idea of what to expect.

As the surfing capital of the Philippines, I knew there would be a chilled out vibe, great beaches and a good foodie scene.

And that was exactly what I found!

With plastic free living, healthy eats everywhere and plenty of untouched nature to enjoy, Siargao isn’t just for surfers.

In fact, it may just be the best foodie destination in the Philippines, too. Yep, this tiny island has even more great restaurants than Manila.

Here are some Siargao restaurants and delicacies you won’t want to miss while you’re there, covering everything from fresh smoothie bowls to authentic Filipino favourites. Mmmm!

Ready to dig in?

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#1 Shaka Cafe

Shaka Cafe was top of my list of Siargao restaurants to visit. It’s actually a small local chain of healthy cafes with locations in Cebu, Bohol and Palawan as well as Siargao.

Shaka serves up tasty vegan food, so everyone is sure to find something to enjoy here. Smoothie bowls are their speciality, but they also sell smoothies and fresh juices.

What to order: The Brazil-inspired “¡¡BOM DIA!!” packs as much of a punch as you’d expect from a bowl with excessive punctuation marks.

With acai, bananas and coconut milk, it’s a power bowl that will fuel an entire day of exploring. If you’re a fan of matcha, wash it down with a hot matcha latte.

How much it’ll cost: All power bowls cost 250 PHP (just under $5 USD), smoothies are 200 PHP (just under $4 USD) and juices are 180 PHP ($3.50 USD).

If you’re a coffee drinker, you can add a cup of java to your smoothie bowl order for just 50 PHP ($1 USD).


I’ve put together a downloadable packing list for the Philippines so you can make sure you don’t miss anything.

It’s interactive, too, so you can print it off or check it off on your laptop as you pack. 

Click here to download yours for free.

Power bowl and matcha latte at Shaka Cafe in Siargao Philippines
A ¡¡BOM DIA!! power bowl + matcha latte = a heavenly combo.

#2 Cafe Loka

Another popular cafe near the Cloud 9 wave, Cafe Loka is tucked away in a pretty perfect location on the nearby beach – so beachwear is totally okay here.

Take a seat on one of the beach chairs, mats, hammocks or bean bags, and sip on a refreshing iced coffee while watching the waves roll in.

What to order: Cafe Loka is more a of a drink stop than a food. But that doesn’t mean you can’t order a slice of the tempting banana bread with your coffee or shake… 

How much it’ll cost: Cafe Loka’s famous fruit shakes start at 100 PHP ($2 USD), while most coffees cost around the same. 

Cafe Loka near Cloud 9 wave in Siargao Philippines

#3 Filipino breakfasts

Every good day starts with a good breakfast – and Filipino breakfast is awesome.

What’s included will vary from one kitchen to the next, but you’ll usually find garlic rice, fried eggs and some sort of meat on your plate.

This could be beef hash, hot dogs or sweet longganisa sausage. It usually comes with coffee and a portion of local fruit.

The best place to enjoy a Filipino breakfast is wherever you’re staying. 

If you’re staying in a home stay or apartment that doesn’t offer food, simply head to a nearby hotel or resort. You don’t usually need to be staying somewhere to eat in the restaurant.

How much it’ll cost: The cost will vary from resort to resort, but expect to pay around 300 PHP ($6 USD) for a full plate and drink.

Filipino breakfast at Reef Beach Resort in Siargao Philippines

#4 Lighthouse

Many of the best restaurants in Siargao belong to the island’s resorts, rather than being standalone establishments. 

Lighthouse Restaurant is a great example of a hotel restaurant that’s open to the public and offers a unique dining experience -whether you’re staying there or not. 

Lighthouse sits at the entrance to the resort, overlooking the pool and beach views, and has a fantastic ambience in the evenings.

What to order: From what I can tell, everything on the menu here is great! I had seafood noodles and would happily devour them again. My partner’s chicken adobo also looked amazing!

How much it’ll cost: The menu at Lighthouse is a little pricier than your typical Siargao restaurant. Expect to pay an extra 10-20% – but I promise it’ll be worth it!

Lighthouse Restaurant in Siargao Philippines

#5 Buddha’s Thai Cuisine 

There are plenty of places to enjoy Filipino food on Siargao. But if you fancy a different Asian cuisine, head to Buddha’s Thai Cuisine

With a head chef who came to Siargao from Bangkok, the food served here is deliciously authentic.

All food is produced as locally as possible, either in the backyard or on the nearby Buddha farm. If you order seafood, you can pretty much guarantee it was caught fresh that day.

What to order: The restaurant is famous for its beautifully blended fusion dishes, which combine British pub favourites with authentic Thai flavours. The massaman curry was incredible!

How much it’ll cost: Most main dishes are around 350 PHP ($6.75 USD). Appetisers such as spring rolls and garlic bread around half the price of mains.

#6 Olas Banditos

Olas Banditos/Seawadeeka is a small hut just off the main road near Cloud 9, Siargao’s most famous diving spot.

There are two menus above the street food truck-style counter: one for Asian favourites and another for Mexican eats.

We only stopped here once and decided to try the Mexican dishes: a rice bowl for me and a burrito for B.

And both of us left with the kind of happy face you only have after eating a really satisfying meal. 

Olas Banditos was one of our best finds in Siargao and I only wish we found it sooner!

How much it’ll cost: Expect to pay around 150-250 PHP ($3-5 USD) for pretty much anything on the menu.

Rice bowl at Olas Banditos in Siargao
A generously-sized rice bowl that put a smile on my face.

#7 Mama’s Grill

Mama’s Grill is one of the most famous restaurants on Siargao island – and for good reason!

You’ll smell it before you see it as the chefs cooked everything to order along the roadside.

This popular grill spot serves up anything you could want on a stick with that freshly smoked barbecue taste, in typical Filipino style.

It’s a great dinner spot for visitors seeking a local experience, and the prices are very affordable too. 

Get there early (they usually open at 5PM) and expect to wait a while for your food – it’ll be worth it!

How much it’ll cost: At Mama’s Grill, you order and pay per stick. Veggie sticks start from around 30 PHP ($0.50 USD) while meat sticks go up to around 200 PHP ($4 USD) each.

So… does Siargao have the best food in the Philippines? Probably.

Siargao is full of unique restaurants and varied food options so you can pretty much be sure that anywhere you choose will be good.

These are just my recommendations based on the one week I spent in Siargao, but there are plenty of places I still want to try!

Take a look online any you’ll find loads of great reviews – the only tricky part will be narrowing down your options when you arrive.

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Where to eat in Siargao Philippines

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