Even though Slovenia is nestled between the tourist hubs of Italy, Croatia and Austria, lots of travellers skip it completely. But they shouldn’t.

Slovenia combines the charm of the Balkans with influences from the rest of western Europe. Meaning, you can dine on the local delicacy burek one minute and order an Italian pizza, the next.

Comprised of emerald lakes, beautiful landscapes, and modern cities, Slovenia is one of the most underrated countries to travel in Europe.

From outdoor adventures like hiking, kayaking, and rafting to museums and wine tasting, there is something to suit every type of traveller! 

From the UK, Slovenia is around a three-hour flight, which means spending 4 days in Slovenia can make the perfect long weekend.

With so many options, planning a Slovenia itinerary can be daunting. Here I’ve laid out the best things to do during a short trip to Slovenia so you don’t miss out.

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the ultimate 4 day slovenia itinerary

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Planning a Slovenia Itinerary 

Your travels in Slovenia can easily be combined with a trip to a nearby country.

Trains to Slovenia run from Croatia, Austria, Italy, Serbia, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Germany. So, a lot of countries!

Whether you’re already travelling or are arriving direct, the capital Ljubljana is a great place to start.

The best time to visit Slovenia will depend on what you’re looking for.

From May-September the weather is warm and dry, making it the ideal environment for hiking, climbing, cycling and meandering around cities.

Whereas those craving winter adventures like skiing will enjoy the white-capped firs of Lake Bled between December and March.

I visited in June, which meant I benefited from the warm weather but avoided huge crowds. 


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As Slovenia is so small, getting around is easy. Public transport across the country is also cheap and reliable. You can pick up a rail pass for 3-8 days here.

For anyone visiting for the first time, I would recommend the itinerary below. It provides variety and enough time to see each destination.

Of course, if you have more time at your disposal, feel free to add a few days on either side. You won’t be stuck for things to do!

A fun Slovenia itinerary for 4 days

Day 1: Spend 1 day in Ljubljana

Whatever time of year you have arrived in Slovenia, the capital is the best starting point.

The city of Ljubljana is nicknamed “the beloved”, which after exploring you will soon see why. It is rich with history and you will notice the mix of Slavic, Germanic and Latin influence.

Join a walking tour (there is a free one that meets at 11 am daily from Prešeren Square), or go it alone. But, here are some places you must see.

Ljubljana river and bridge
Ljubljana is nicknamed “the beloved”

Dragon Bridge

This bridge is a must-see and can be found in the northeast of Vodnik square.

Built in the 20th century, it is one of Europe’s first reinforced concrete bridges, featuring the famous four copper dragons.

Dragons are the symbol and protector of Ljubljana and you will find them on the city’s coat of arms. 

According to legend, the city was founded by Jason the hero from Greek mythology. 

He is said to have fought and defeated a dragon in what is now Ljubljana before he sailed back to Greece

Triple Bridge 

Yes, another bridge! This is a group of three bridges that connect the modern city and the old town.

Tripe Bridge is perfect for photo opportunities as it gives a great view of the Ljubljana river.

The water is green and clear and you can see right to the bottom of the riverbank.  

Ljubljana Old Town

Cross over the bridge and explore the magic of the Old Town. This part of Ljubljana has a pedestrian zone which means it is safe to roam the cobbled streets.

Everywhere you turn, you will be greeted by beautiful buildings.

Presernov trg Square is full of inviting restaurants, outdoor seating, and amazing coffee. Why not stop to try a burek or a Slovenian cream cake? 

Ljubljana castle 

On top of a hill, the castle offers stunning views of the city from the clock tower. Climb the stairs or take the scenic vernacular rail for only $4. 


If you want to see an alternative side of the city, head to Metelkova. What was once an abandoned barracks is now a hub of arts and culture.

Admire the street art or head to a hip underground bar. If you love graffiti and anything counter-culture, then this try this walking tour with a twist


Have a drink after a hard day of sightseeing and watch the sunset over the city from Ljubilana’s tallest skyscraper.

Slovenia has some of the best wine I have ever tasted so make sure to ask for something local.

Where to stay in Ljubljana 

Apartment: If you prefer to to have your own space, staying in an apartment in Ljubljana is a great choice. This studio is close to Ljublijana train station and only a ten-minute walk from the castle.  

Luxury stay: Vander Urbani Resort design hotel is only minutes away from Ljublijana’s vibrant centre. It features a rooftop swimming pool and a restaurant serving gourmet snacks and local cuisine. 

Budget stay: I stayed in Hotel Celia which is right in the centre of Metelkova. Formerly a military prison, it has been transformed into a lively and colourful hostel. The prison cells are the main attraction as they have now become works of art. It has a friendly vibe that is perfect for solo travellers.


Days 2-3: Spend 2 days in Lake Bled

After exploring the capital, it’s time to head to Slovenia’s most famous attraction: Lake Bled.

How to get to Lake Bled

By bus: The cheapest way to get to Lake Bled is to take the N60 bus from Ljubljana, towards Berlin bus station.

This will drop you off at the town of Bled and costs between 2-9 euros. You can buy your ticket at the station. 

By train: There are two train stations near Lake Bled. Jezero Bled is closest to the town of Bled and is located 3km from the western end of the lake.

This is the best option but make sure to look up times as there are only five trains a day from the capital.

The other station, Lesce, is larger and has more regular trains from Ljubljana. However, it is 4.5km from the town, so you will need to catch a bus or taxi from the station. Trains cost 6-10 euros. 

Buses from the train station continue along the lake, so you can basically get off at any stop that catches your eye. 

Car: Slovenia is a really easy place to drive as the country is mostly flat. The journey to Bled is only 45 minutes.

Sixt car rentals are available by Ljubljana station and the Grand Hotel Union. Or, alternatively, click here  to compare the top car rental companies in Slovenia.

Things to do in Bled

Lake Bled is probably one of the most photogenic places I have ever been to. However, it is much more than a pretty face!

While you can see the best views by simply walking, those looking for a more action-packed adventure can explore the lake from the water or the mountains.

Lake Bled and Bled Island

Bled Castle

I would suggest spending two days here, getting up early to hike to Bled castle from the lake to avoid the midday sun.

Then, take a dip in the turquoise waters to cool off and spend the rest of the day exploring the quaint town of Bled. You can rent bicycles from most hotels.

On day two, try out one of the many activities offered locally.  

Visit Bled Island

Row a boat, (or swim if you’re feeling athletic), to visit the beautiful Bled Island. It is about 10 minutes from the shore and is the backdrop for all those pictures you’ve seen on Instagram. 

Remember to bring clothes with you if you want to visit the church on the Island. I recommend taking them in a waterproof dry bag.

I was lucky enough to catch a wedding taking place on the island and I can’t imagine a more romantic setting. 

Hike to Mala Osijnica

Lake Bled is surrounded by rolling hills, perfect for hiking.

The most popular trail is to Mala Osijnica. At around 650 metres above the lake, the hike should take between 40-60 minutes and you will be rewarded with more amazing views. Take a picnic to enjoy the top.

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Check out this one day Zagreb itinerary.

Lake Bled Toboggan 

In the summer, thrill-seekers can sledge down Straža Hill, with views of the lake. In winter you can ski or board down this slope instead.

Straža Hill is near the centre of Bled.

Adventures in Bled

There are many tours taking place in Bled and the surrounding areas. Some of the highlights include kayaking, rafting and ziplining.

If you’re taking part in adventurous activities like these, make sure your insurance covers them. Many insurance policies won’t, which is why I use World Nomads

Bled at night

It is really worth staying in Bled, rather than taking a day trip, just to watch the sunset over the lake. Bled is very peaceful in the evening and there are plenty of local restaurants to enjoy.

Where to stay in Lake Bled 

Apartment: Stay right by the lake and wake up to views of the rolling hills with this apartment near the bus and train station. 

Luxury stay: Adora Luxury Hotel is a former lakeside villa that has been renovated into a gorgeous beachfront property. 

Budget stay: Castle 1004 is where I stayed and it is right in the centre of Bled. The hostel is clean, the staff are friendly and the outside balcony area is perfect for relaxing and meeting new people.

Boats on lake bled

Day 4: Head back to Ljubljana 

If your flight is early, spend your last hours meandering around the city. Get an ice cream from Vigo! Freshly churned with multiple flavours available, it is delicious and the perfect way to cool down.

Or, if you’re craving some culture, visit the National Gallery or National Museum of Contemporary History. 

If you have another full day in Ljubljana, take a day trip out of the city to visit Predjama Castle.

Built within a cave and full of secret passages, this castle looks like it has been taken straight from a fairytale.

A view over the orange rooftops of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Is 4 days in Slovenia enough?

The size of Slovenia makes four days a good amount to get a taste of the country. However, there is still lots more to see.

If you prefer to travel more slowly, this itinerary can be extended and adjusted to suit.

For example, you could spend three days in Ljubljana and four in Bled.

5 days in Slovenia or more

There are lots of beautiful places in Slovenia, so extending your trip won’t be hard.

You could easily spend more time in each destination or even take a longer Slovenia road trip

If you have less than a week in Slovenia, consider adding the seaside town of Piran to your itinerary. Piran is a one-hour bus ride from Ljubljana, so you can make it a day trip or even stay a couple of days and soak up the sun.

Unlike most coastal towns, Piran is not crowded and is well worth a visit. As well as the beach, some attractions include the bell tower, the old town and the medieval walls. Don’t forget to try some fresh seafood, too!

If you have more than one week in Slovenia, consider escaping to the Big Berry luxury eco resort.

This unique glamping offers the chance to really become immersed in the local community while totally switching off.

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