Ibiza is as famous for its fashion as it is for anything else.

But if you’re worrying about what to wear in Ibiza, you can stop right now – it’s one of the EASIEST places in the entire world to pack for.

Postcard perfect beaches. Wellbeing retreats. Famous DJs in the world’s biggest clubs. Whatever your reason for travelling to Ibiza in 2020, packing couldn’t be easier.

Even though each of the three things that the Spanish of Ibiza is best known for comes with a completely different dress code, it won’t be hard to pack he perfect wardrobe.

If you plan on soaking up everything the island has to offer, you could even make your Ibiza outfits work for all three!

Two women watch the sunset on Playa Pinet beach in Ibiza
In Ibiza the best outfits take you from day to night; from the beach to the club.

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What to wear in Ibiza

Ibiza is certainly one of the hardest places I’ve ever had to pack for, but it really should have been one of the easiest.

In fact, I can’t really think of anywhere that’s easier to pack for.

I was completely lost when it came to packing for my last trip to Ibiza. It’s one of those things that, with hindsight, I made far harder than it needed to be but I couldn’t help being overwhelmed.

If you’re in a similarly flustered state right… don’t panic!

Our trip to Ibiza was 10 days long in total.

And not knowing how many times we’d hit the clubs or how exactly we’d spend the days – eco-friendly catamarans, mountain bikes and lazy days by our private pool were all on the cards – I spent far too many hours trying to pack the right ratio of beach, active and party outfits for a whole week on the island.

Turns out, I was overthinking the whole thing. Massively.



The Ibiza style & dress code

Ibiza may be an island of contrasts (all night partying followed by all day yoga, anyone?), but the Ibiza style is consistent wherever you go.

And that dress code is nice and simple: wear whatever you like.


Glitter, sequins and risqué bras are almost uniform in the island’s big nightclubs, but you’ll also see gym shorts and jeans among them.

And if you thought you’d need to save those festival-style outfits for when the sun goes down, think again.

The time of day doesn’t really matter at all in Ibiza. If you want to wear it? You go for it, girl. The best thing about Ibiza is that absolutely anything goes.


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Case in point: Even while I was waiting at the police station on a Tuesday morning, two ladies walked in with glitter on them.

Let me add to that: two ladies in their 40’s or 50’s walked into the police station to report a crime with glitter all over their faces.

At first I thought it was from the night before, but then I realised this was part of their beach day look.

It was perfectly finished, clearly fresh that morning, and probably the reason why they took an extra 20 minutes to report their own stolen phone.

Not one person blinked or looked twice. So if you’ve been hiding something you feel a little self-conscious in but really want to wear, bring it to Ibiza.

Woman in beach wear in Ibiza
Ibiza is the one place you can wear whatever you like from sequins to gym shorts, anything goes.

What to wear clubbing in Ibiza

If you’re stressing about what to wear in Ibiza clubs – stop right there!

Throw your craziest clothes in or take the trusty denim shorts you spend the entire summer wearing. Nobody cares.

But, if you have something a little bit daring that you haven’t had the guts to wear yet, it’s probably a good time to take it out for its debut. 

You never need to worry about being under- or over-dressed in Ibiza because you can wear as much (or as little) as you want. 

That goes for the clubs and it goes for the streets, too. But isn’t it just more fun to get dressed up in the evening?

Ibiza beachwear

On my last Ibiza trip, I took the usual things you pack for the beach with a selection of lightweight daytime clothes.

I tried to divide my Ibiza outfits into night and day, but I needn’t have bothered.

Once we arrived, the divide was history and the clothes I’d initially packed for evening found their way to the beach, while my ‘daytime’ clothes got a tour of some of San Antonio’s best bars.

Pack outfits that make you feel good and don’t be afraid to look like you’ve walked off the set of a music video if you feel like it. As I said, anything goes! 

Woman wearing swimsuit and tunic in Ibiza
Swimsuits are a go to for the beach but can also double up as bodysuits with shorts for when you are hitting the world famous clubs.

Easy Ibiza outfit ideas

Instead of telling you what to pack for Ibiza, I’ll leave you with some packing tips.

Here are the Ibiza essentials I like to pack when visiting this crazy little island.

My favourite things to wear in Ibiza

The essentials I wouldn’t travel to Ibiza without:

1 – Denim shorts

My go-to no matter where I’m travelling, denim shorts are the only bottoms you need in Ibiza.

Of course, you can pack other things too, but make sure you have a good pair of denim too.

2 – A glam pair of sunnies 

Nothing takes a beach outfit up the ‘glam’ scale quicker than a pair of sunnies.

I usually pack oversized, reflective shades – they cover tired eyes AND hide your people watching habits.

3 – A bum bag

I swore I’d never wear a bum bag… and then they became my best friend. Now, a bum bag is my go-to when I want to keep an eye on my valuable at all time.

Luckily they’re in fashion right now, so pick up a fun one that you’ll enjoy wearing, leaving your hands free for… well, whatever you want to do with them.

4 – Comfy trainers or walking shoes 

As well as the nightlife and wellbeing scene that Ibiza is famous for, the White Isle has loads of great hiking trails and spots to explore.

If you like to get out and about during the day, pack a pair of comfy walking shoes or trainers.

5 – Flats for evening 

Even if you’re used to wearing heels all the time, pack a pair of flats for the evening. Even though Ibiza is one of the most glamorous places in Europe, it’s never at the expense of comfort. Choose a pair of glitzy flats that will go with everything.

6 – A selection of swimsuits

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in your swimwear, pack at least a couple of options.

I love to pack at least one bikini, plus a swimsuit that can double up as a bodysuit. Paired with a pair of denim shorts, it’s an easy outfit for the beach parties that run into the night.

7 – Don’t forget about the case

There’s nothing that will ruin a trip more than a broken or missing case. Whatever you plan on wearing, make sure you pack your Ibiza outfits in a sturdy case that’s distinctive and easy to recognise.

I currently use a lightweight Samsonite case but also love Antler suitcases because they’re unique and come with a 10-year guarantee. 

It’s all too easy for someone to mistakenly grab your bag if it looks like every other one on the luggage carousel.

For that reason, I like to add a cute luggage tag AND a luggage belt to make my case as unique and recognisable as possible!


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Ibiza packing tips

I’m not going to tell you what to pack because this is the one time you can pack whatever you like.

But before you get too carried away, there are a few things it’s worth keeping in mind.

When in doubt, take more beachwear

Specifically, take more bikinis than you think you need and throw in some pretty cover-ups while you’re at it.

Nothing is too showy or too simple for Ibiza’s beautiful beaches.

I love packing some long flow-y beach tunics like this one. They’re great for throwing on at the beach or wearing as a lightweight cover-up if it gets chilly at night.

Take a VERY secure bag

PLEASE take a very secure bag. I took a cross-body bag that zips up fully and I still had my phone stolen in Ushuaia (more on that soon).

Mobile phone theft is, sadly, really common on the island and the thieves know exactly what they’re doing.

If you can, choose a bag that has inside zips as well as outside ones.


Ibiza is reliably hot throughout the ‘season’ (late May to early October).

Even at night, it’s better to be under dressed than over over-dressed – especially if you’re heading to the clubs or somewhere with lots of people.

I promise you won’t feel cold.

Leather shorts may look super cute, but let’s face it – there’s nothing worse than a sweaty bum to ruin a night out that’s cost you triple figures before you’ve even bought a drink.


If you want to, of course! Go wild. Dress up. Have fun with your Ibiza outfits.

We all have a mermaid-esque bralet or sequin hotpants tucked away in our wardrobe, waiting for the right time to dig it out and let it see the light of day. It’s a time that never comes – until now.

If you can’t wear it in Ibiza, you’ll never find somewhere you can wear it, so don’t miss this opportunity. You’ve been warned.

The one thing you should never travel without

Even though you hope you’ll never need to use it, travelling with insurance will make sure you’re covered if anything goes wrong.

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Plan your trip to Ibiza

Is Ibiza a party island?

Although the White Isle is synonymous with late nights, hedonists and world class DJs, it does have much more to offer – if you know where to look.

Worlds away from the hustle of San Antonio, Ibiza’s old town Dalt Vila will provide a more authentic Spanish experience.

Pack some sensible shoes and explore the narrow cobbled streets for fantastic views and photo opportunities.

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Here’s how to protect it while you’re away.

Ibiza is also home to an established wellness scene, with yoga retreats and healthy dining for those who want to swap the sleep deprivation for self-care.

However, if you have no interest in the nightlife but want to explore Balearic island life, perhaps Menorca might be more your speed?

 Beautiful beaches, sunsets and identical climates, I have weighed up the pros and cons of Ibiza and Menorca here

If you want something in the middle, why not consider Gran Canaria instead?

Where is the nightlife in Ibiza?

Ibiza’s clubs and bars are spread out across the island, so if you want to sample a variety of party options, you will have to use taxis.

San Antonio is home to the popular Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Eden and Ocean Beach, as well as a busy strip.

Electronic music fans can find the best parties in Playa d’en Bossa, courtesy of Amnesia, Sankeys and Hi.

When should I visit Ibiza?

Visit Ibiza late May through to October for the best weather and parties, with sunshine of up to 30C. 

Accommodation prices tend to increase during these months, due to the influx of tourists.

If you are looking to enjoy the island without peak crowds (or costs), aim for April, early May or towards the end of October. 

Ibiza Hotels

Budget find: Hotel Tarba is in San Antonio town, next to the harbour and a bus stop so you can explore the rest of the island. With rooms for only £42 per night, this is perfect for those who want to save their money for Ibiza’s bars. 

Unique stay: Stay in an apartment to make the Island a home away from home. Sud Ibiza Suites feature a seated dining area, Jacuzzi and views of the sea. Bicycle hire is available to help you discover the old town nearby. 

Luxury option:  If you’re looking for a truly decadent holiday then Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe Hotel has everything you could possibly need. Indoor pools, fitness centre, saunas and a rooftop terrace make this a perfect destination for couples. Located a mere 20 minutes drive from Ibiza city centre, you can relax without being too far from the action. 

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